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April 23, 2010

Lee Janzen


DOUG MILNE: Lee, thanks for joining us after round two of the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. 6 under 66, your best round here, if I did my checking correctly, dating back 21 years to 1990 when you first played here.
LEE JANZEN: What did I shoot that year? I've never shot better than 66 in this tournament?
DOUG MILNE: No, this is your eighth start here and you shot 67.
LEE JANZEN: What did I shoot here in '07, last day?
DOUG MILNE: You finished tied for 24th.
LEE JANZEN: What I shoot last day? I shot 67. I made a 2 on the first hole on 10. I birdied 11 and 13. I was 4 under before that. I remember that.
DOUG MILNE: Great round, few comments on the round and what was clicking and what went right for you?
LEE JANZEN: When you hear players talking about the difference between the guys barely making the cut or barely missing the cut and the guys that are leading the tournament is a very fine line. That's proof there.
All I did was hole a putt on the first hole today, which just seemed to open up the hole a little bit and I made some putts today. I have not been making putts.
I didn't hit it any better today. I hit it better yesterday actually. And I didn't hit it any, you know, that much different today than I have all year. Not that I've putted poorly all year, I just haven't holed many putts. You can look back over my last ten rounds and one or two birdies a round, that's it. That's just not enough. You've got to be making four or more I'm still under average, just didn't make bogey.

Q. Are you surprised by where you stand after two rounds based on how you've been playing? Sounds like you might be?
LEE JANZEN: I wouldn't say I'm surprised. I'm happy about it because the last few tournaments I did go home on Friday wondering, you know, I played very well and couldn't make some -- just didn't make putts. And one or two missed shots is all it took to miss the cut and that's what happened.
I missed shots the last couple days but I never got myself in any trouble. I was always able to get up and down and get the ball near the hole. I didn't know. You can use your trusty ShotLink, and I don't know that I had a par putt longer than two and a half or three feet.

Q. You birdied 11. How did it play for you today?
LEE JANZEN: Tee was up 40 yards, maybe 30, 40 yards. The wind yesterday was more in, today was closer to the cross slightly in, which brings the two fairway bunkers on the right into play. You have the long fairway bunker down on the left. Of course that could be any hole down here, the long fairway bunker.
It's only 11 out of 18 holes have a long fairway bunker on the side. Anyway, I hit a decent drive, had 260 to the front, hit 3-wood.
My plan was to hit it, start it left of the green with that left-right wind, fade it wither on the green or right, and be chipping back into the wind. And I drew it some and was in that long fairway bunker that goes down the left side for about 80 yards. And I had a pretty tough bunker shot, actually. I hit a good shot to 12 feet and made it.

Q. It looked like on your second shot on 18 you were taking a little extra time. Were you trying to figure out the wind?
LEE JANZEN: I was waiting for the group in front of us to get off the green. Come on, where's the laughter here?
Actually, the wind was picking up, and it wasn't very consistent. One second it was helping us, and one second it was across, and we felt like it was in and back and forth. Plus I had a little downhill lie.
Ideally I wanted a flat lie, start the ball at the right and draw the whole way, but I couldn't do that. I had to play a slight fade off that lie to make sure I hit a solid shot. So I had to start right at the pin, fade for a hair, and let the wind bring it back. So I wanted to make sure I got the shot in my mind before I hit.

Q. Talk about your putting. Have you been tinkering, adjusting when the ball's just not going in? You made some changes and historically you've been a guy that's tinkered with his style of putt error you changed putters. What have you done over the years?
LEE JANZEN: Yeah, I don't like changing putters. Some guys have no problem lining their body up square to the line. I just haven't figured it out. I wish I could. To be able to walk up to every shot and lineup perfectly. Sometimes my feet and my body just get misaligned.
Then I have to manipulate my stroke rather than just let my shoulders do all the work. So that's where I get off a little bit. And it involves weight position too. My weight got back in my stance.
So I just tried to change how I stepped into the ball this week to make sure I got my weight on my left side. Not worried so much about where my feet are lying, as long as my weight's on my left so I can catch the ball at the proper part of my arc and my stroke.

Q. Are you playing well enough to win another U.S. Open?
LEE JANZEN: I'd like to be playing a little bit better. Physically or technically my swing, everything about my game is as good as it's ever been. But there is a certain amount of confidence that goes with winning the U.S. Open. And I was playing very well both times going into those U.S. Opens.
So if I had five or six Top 10s between now and then and I qualified for the tournament, I'd feel a lot better about it.

Q. Forget about winning the U.S. Open, is your game where you can win a tournament now?
LEE JANZEN: Yes, now. And that's the mental issue though is how do I handle it. Will I continue to hit the shots with the freedom and confidence that it takes to win a tournament?
DOUG MILNE: Congratulations on a great round. Keep it up.

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