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April 22, 2010

Jason Bohn


DOUG MILNE: Jason Bohn, thanks for joining us for a few moments after round one of the Zurich Classic in New Orleans. Eight birdies, just one bogey at the last hole there. All in all, a great day. Just a few comments from you on the round?
JASON BOHN: I just putted extremely well today. Every good opportunity I had for birdie, I made it. And I made a couple of good par-saving putts. So, then, you know, just to lose one on the last hole, I think I'll forget about it tonight when I'm in the Acme Oyster House. So I won't be too concerned about it.
But I was playing aggressive on the last hole. If I had to do it all over again, I'd hit the exact same shot. I'd try to execute, and, hopefully, I'd execute better than I did. But I was trying to make three to be honest.
DOUG MILNE: Obviously, your accuracy, you hit 15 of 18 greens, and you have that as well.
JASON BOHN: I think out here the key is you can miss the fairway by a couple of yards, there's not a lot of rough. So that kind of allowed you to kind of hit it and keep it more in front of you on the greens. So without a lot of rough, you're not hitting too many uppers or flyers out there.

Q. Did you feel this round coming on?
JASON BOHN: Honestly, no. It's funny. I've played well. I've started very poorly through Thursday and Friday rounds of my year so far. So I've had some good finishes in turns, but they've all kind of come on the weekend. So I was looking to get off to a good start, a solid start. So this is great for me.
My horse has been running a little slow out of the gate. So it's kind of nice to get a little jump and it builds a little confidence.

Q. The one on 18 -- I guess you had so many good shots -- but the one on 18 you said you're just going to wash it away. What happened that you said you just didn't execute?
JASON BOHN: I had a good number. I think I had about -

Q. 246.
JASON BOHN: - yeah, but it was kind of downwind. We're trying to land the ball about 220. I was trying to hit a 220-yard shot which is a perfect 3-iron. Thinking it would probably land going in there 235, and kind of trickle up on the front. So it was the perfect number for the shot.
And I like to try to hit a little cut. The wind was down and off the right so it helped me to hole it up against the flag. So I aimed it right at it, tried to cut it, and let the wind hold it right there. I just came out of it and rushed it a little bit.
So I was a little disappointed to watch it run in the water, and then I took a drop. I still had, I don't know, 170 or something to the hole. I hit a nice shot in there and gave myself an opportunity to make par. It was an aggressive play, but I'd still hit the same shot.

Q. It's almost like the one that is an error of commission rather you were trying to make something happen like you said. You can live with those?
JASON BOHN: Yeah, I absolutely felt like I could make the three there. I felt like with a good bounce and as well as I was putting, if I could give myself a 20, 25-footer I could make a three. So I was playing fairly aggressively.

Q. When you won in '05, did you start well in that tournament as well, or did you come back to win?
JASON BOHN: I shot a 64 on Sunday to win there. So all my victories have come with low rounds on Sundays. So it's kind of fun. I've never been -- I don't think I've ever led a golf tournament after one, two, three days. I've always been a sleeper that kind of shoots a good one on Sunday and kind of sneaks up, so this is great.
It's such a marathon out here. I mean, it's just one day. But it's great for me to get off to a good start. I needed this.

Q. Can you talk about your stretch from 9 to 13 and particularly your birdie on 9?
JASON BOHN: Yeah, 9 was playing really difficult today. I don't know what the scoring average is out there. But I could see a lot of shots. The wind's a little tricky when we were playing. We couldn't tell if it was -- every time it would kind of come up, it felt like it was a little bit herding.
So I watched a couple shots in the group ahead of us that started going left in the water. And the pin is really close to the water. So, I mean, you could land the ball on the green and go in the water.
So, you know, I tried to hit a high cut 6-iron against the wind, and it landed right on the front and rolled to about 8 feet. And the big part of my day was every kind of 8 to 10-foot putt I had for birdie, I made it. That's what builds tremendous momentum and huge confidence.
Then I birdied 11, 12, and 13, which 11 I only had 60 yards to the hole, and I hit a little lob wedge in there, just 3, 4 feet past the hole.
12 is a really difficult hole. It was playing pretty tough today. It was more into the wind and left to right. And I think I hit a 3-iron to 215 there maybe six or eight feet right underneath the hole.
And 13 was the little short hole that I had 80 yards to that hole so another little lob wedge. So I took advantage of my short shots in there. And made, like I said, all of my 8 to 10-foot birdie putts.

Q. You said you didn't see this coming on. What were your expectations coming? I guess you missed the cut last week. When did you know you had a good one going? At what hole did you think it could be a special round?
JASON BOHN: Really, when it was all said and done I felt like it was a special round to be honest. I know everybody talks about one shot at a time. I think when you get kind of playing in the groove, you really kind of are in the moment. You kind of are one shot at a time.
I probably knew how many under par I was, but I would have never been able to tell you what holes I birdied. I just kind of knew that, yeah, I was playing really well. I was making a lot of putts, and I was well under par.
But I got off to a great start. I birdied 1 and 2, so I made two nice putts on the first two holes. That kind of just really engrained my confidence with my flat stick today. But you know, even making bogey at the last, it was still a good round, so I'm pretty excited.

Q. Are you expecting tomorrow afternoon's round to be a little more difficult? Do you think the wind will kick up then?
JASON BOHN: Yeah, absolutely. I think any time in the afternoon the conditions are a little drier. Greens get a little firmer, and the breeze is going to be stronger.
So it definitely -- you know, I might bite myself by saying this -- but today in the afternoon I think somebody could go out and shoot 7 or 8 under par. But I don't think there will be many.
This morning you saw a lot of 5 under, 4 under, 3 under. But a couple under par, 2 or 3 under par in the afternoon is a good score.

Q. What did you like about this tournament or the things you like that brings you to play here?
JASON BOHN: The hospitality is off the charts, number one. I think we have a decent -- a very good facility here. It is a good practice facility for us to do some work on our game.
I mean, bar none, and I say this 100% honestly, food. I mean, truly. You can't miss here. No matter what restaurant you go to downtown, you really can't miss. So that's not every week, so that's kind of a big bonus for us.
But, yeah, just all in all, the whole package. It's really impressive what Zurich has done for us that they give us. The hospitality of the fans and the volunteers, it's pretty nice. You can tell it's kind of a laid back, good, southern area to be in.

Q. What is your favorite restaurant?
JASON BOHN: Well, I'm partial to the oysters, so I'm really looking forward to tonight at the Acme Oyster House. One -- maybe I shouldn't say this -- one, because somebody else is picking up the tab, that always helps (laughing).
But I mean, Drago's in the Hilton, I spend a little time in there with some oysters. There are so many places. Yesterday I played in the Pro-Am, and the fact that I was able to eat every three holes and eat just something unbelievable was impressive.
I mean, I think I took maybe six cards, because I'm just thinking my birthday's Saturday, so my caddie's taking me out to dinner. So I'm going to choose one of those six cards as to where we're going, so...

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