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April 22, 2010

David Duval


Q. A clean scorecard out there, 4 under par. You've got to be pretty happy with that on this golf course?
DAVID DUVAL: It is a very good score. I hit the ball pretty well. But, you know, I think breaking 70 is an accomplishment out here most of the time. And then the greens just seemed especially hard today compared to yesterday, so I'm very pleased.

Q. Tell me about the wind that started kicking up late in your round because it was a little bit of a crosswind which makes this course even more difficult?
DAVID DUVAL: Yeah, it seemed like it was mostly a cross on the holes, which you're right. It makes it more difficult. But you know, it's fairly common until the last six or seven holes, then it started to pick up a little bit. But nothing like you're seeing here.

Q. What is it that made you comfortable coming into today? Did you have Drago's chargrilled oysters last night? Did you have a little shrimp? What is it about this place? It's the food, right?
DAVID DUVAL: It is the food. I love it here. That's why I come. The folks around the tournament are wonderful, Tommy, and all of them. I've been coming here a long, long time. I like it here. I like the golf course. I like the people. I especially like to eat.

Q. Your game, tell me what you're happiest with today?
DAVID DUVAL: Just I hit the ball solid really is what it boils down to. I probably got myself a little hyped up, a little overworked heading into the Masters. Just played terrible the first round. I shot a 76.
You know, funny enough I hit the ball beautiful the second day and shot a 75. So didn't improve the score, right. Just one of those things where I didn't put too much into it.
I got to have my little kids caddie for me on the par 3. That is as important as anything to me. So I felt good about what I was doing when I left. I came here, spent some time working and just feel good about what I'm doing.

Q. You can't get hyped up when you come into a place like this, because you eat so much, your stomach won't allow for butterflies. There's no room.
DAVID DUVAL: No, there's no room for that. There's barely room for water (laughing). And I struggle to get air in some times.

Q. Can talk about your round today?
DAVID DUVAL: What do you want to hear about? I played real well starting on the back. It seems that with some of those holes are a little bit more difficult, long. I played well. I just made all pars and made a couple of birdies.
Just in general hit the ball solid. Managed to make a few putts on my second nine.

Q. 9 you got the closest you'd been all day.
DAVID DUVAL: Well, it's really a tough little pin. Figuring it out, it seems like the wind's helping you a little bit of the time. So getting the right distance is a little difficult, you know, I managed to hit it and have a chance to finish my round but I missed the putt.

Q. How do you feel about how things are going?
DAVID DUVAL: I'm happy with most of the things I've been doing for most of this year. I was just saying I felt really good heading into the Masters. That is the last time I played.
I just probably worked myself up a little bit. Played awful the first round and then shot 4 over par hit the ball beautiful in the second round and shot 3 over par.
So, in general, I felt pretty good about what I was doing coming here. Spent a lot of time practicing and working. I felt like I've been close for a long time, and just want to try to really dial it in that much more.
And I managed to hit the ball real solid today. Which is, in conditions like this, although the wind didn't blow like it can, it's very important to hit the ball solid, because you've got to control it so much when you're trying to lay on the greens. Can't do it if you're not hitting it solid, and I managed to do that today.

Q. Do you feel like you're ready to win again?
DAVID DUVAL: Well, the few opportunities I've had in the last year or so, I felt comfortable. Felt like I was going to at the U.S. Open, AT&T, I felt really good about what I was doing. I was comfortable in the situation. So I think that's close. But I still want to just continue to improve, if you will, and feel better about how I'm hitting it.

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