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April 22, 2010

Jason Dufner


DOUG MILNE: Jason Dufner, thanks for joining us after a solid 5 under, 67 round one at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. Just a few comments on the day, and kind of how you're feeling about your game?
JASON DUFNER: Pretty solid day to start the week. Didn't hit it my best today. But it seemed like whenever I hit shots, I was able to have pretty easy up-downs, so that was nice. And I hit a couple of putts. Most of my birdies were pretty easy putts for eight feet. I made one long one.
Pretty nice day scoring-wise. Probably could clean it up ball striking-wise.

Q. Were you playing well coming in? Did you feel like you were going to have a good week? You said today was kind of a case where you scored better than you hit it?
JASON DUFNER: I've had a lot of good rounds this year. I had a pretty good experience at the Masters. Had a couple of good rounds there. Had a couple of good rounds last week at Hilton Head.
So I feel like I've been playing pretty well coming into this week. Just not being able to put four rounds together the weeks. But, yeah, I feel good about my game for the most part.

Q. You just mentioned a second ago about when you did happen to miss a shot, you were in great spots to get up and down. As far as working on the range today or the rest of the week, knowing in the afternoon the wind kicks up quite a bit, is there something else you're going to be working on to fix these problems?
JASON DUFNER: There is a little thing I need to work on. My lower body kind of gets a little too active with my golf swing. So I'll probably go hit 30 balls or so with that. And I've got a routine that I do putting-wise every day, so that will be about it.
Golf's just a day-to-day game. Sometimes you feel great; sometimes you feel awful. Today I was kind of in the middle, and I was able to score well, so that's a great thing.

Q. It looks like a lot of low scores. Is that what it's going to take the rest of the week?
JASON DUFNER: I think so. It really just depends on the weather. There is not much coverage out here on this golf course. It's pretty open. You have some open spots. So if it can get windy, that will make the play a lot more difficult.
But if we have conditions that stay like this or possibly with some rain to soften the golf course up, you can expect to probably see some low scores.
There's plenty of room to play out there. The fairways are generous. The greens are pretty big. So guys get kind of dialed in with their irons, and they have a lot of putts in the 8 to 15-foot range for sure.

Q. What did you take out of your Masters experience? What was your first one?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, that was my first one.

Q. What did you bring out of that week besides probably a lot of memories?
JASON DUFNER: It was a great experience. I was glad I was able to play in at least one. Hopefully there will be a lot more. The kind of cool thing about it is I was way, way from making the cut on the back nine on Friday. And able to birdie four of my last five holes to make a cut on the number.
So, you know in the end that gave me a little more experience out there. Maybe one day or next year I'll be in contention going into the weekend, and I'll know what it's like to play at Augusta on the weekend. That was probably the coolest thing.

Q. Was it everything you thought it would be?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, you know, it's tough. For me the history and everything, I don't get caught up in it as much. It's kind of neat to be able to play there like I've told a lot of people. Because it's the same course every year, and it's the only major that's like that. So you almost feel like you've played the course before because you've watched so many shots and know what the course does.
But there is a fine line being able to know what you need to do and being able to do it. So it was a great experience. I'm glad that I was able to play in at least one. Hopefully there will be more.

Q. Did you get any crystal?
JASON DUFNER: No crystal. No Eagles. I was trying hard. It's tough out there. I don't hit far enough. Those guys are hitting short clubs into those holes. I'm hitting 3-irons.
DOUG MILNE: Before we cut you loose. If you wouldn't mind running us through your birdies and giving us clubs and yards.
JASON DUFNER: 2, I hit it in the greenside bunker to about 6 feet, made birdie.
7, I was in front of the green, chipped it to about two feet. Par 5, made birdie.
On 10, I hit it in the bunker. Wedged out, wedged it to 12 feet, made bogey.
11, I hit two, and two-putted for birdie.
12, I missed the green. Chipped to about 10 feet, made bogey.
13, I had a wedge from about 70 yards to about four feet, birdie.
14, I had a 7-iron. I hit the pin to about 10 feet, made birdie.
16, I hit a gap wedge from 120 to about 30 feet or so, made it. And then 17 I hit a 4-iron to about four feet.

Q. What was that on 18?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, I don't like that hole so much (smiling). I'm going to play that very conservative for the week. I hit a 5-wood off the tee, and then laid up to kind of a bad number. Took my medicine there in front of the green.

Q. You were in the rough on the lay-up?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, I misjudged kind of the number. I was trying to get it inside 100, and I think I got it about 130. So that hole's tough. There's not really anywhere to play from that hole except if you can bomb a drive. Even then you can't really go for it. There is nowhere to play from. I haven't figured that hole out yet. Maybe tomorrow (laughing).
DOUG MILNE: Congratulations.

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