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April 17, 2010

Fred Couples


Q. Thoughts about your round today?
FRED COUPLES: Personally I had a good day. Everyone is up there doing well and doing their own deal, but for me I played well. I didn't have any bogeys, and didn't make really any putts, but I hit the ball better and the greens are perfect.

Q. What's your best shot today?
FRED COUPLES: My best shot today, No. 7, the par 5, I almost made a 2 and rolled by about ten feet and made 4.
Hit a couple of good drives, but most of them were just solid and nothing fantastic. But I needed probably 6-under, 5- or 6-under to really make a move. 4 is okay, I don't know what I need tomorrow (with the leaders at), 8-under par.

Q. Considering the course and the calibre of the people at the top, is four shots or five shots, I don't want so say impossible.
FRED COUPLES: I need a hot round. I've had a few of them this year. But one thing is for sure: The gallery is unbelievable. There are so many people out here, it's kind of fun. I must say that Amy, tournament director and the staff, wow, there must be 25,000 people out there, which is as much as a TOUR event, so that was a lot of fun.
For a score tomorrow, it's always fun to scoot a score, but I'm going to need 7-under, 8-under, just to maybe get out there early and see if I can shoot that, first of all, but that's a hell of a score on this course.

Q. Does it help that that there are a few holes where there can be some swings? That's the history of it.
FRED COUPLES: There's going to be some swings. I know Nick Price made three doubles last year, but he made a ton of birdies.
But, I go out and play my own game. I sit in there when I'm done and if I shoot 5-under and I'm ahead of everyone and they have got plenty of holes to go, they are going to have to play good golf, because they are great holes. But the odds of a lot of people sliding back or shooting even par, are zero.
So somebody is going to shoot -- there's 6-under, so I'm two behind those guys. It's not like I've got that far to go, but one of those guys is going to have a hot round. I'm not the only guy in the world that's going to shoot 5- or 6-under.

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