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April 16, 2010

Chad Campbell


Q. You hit the first 12 fairways today. Is this the kind of golf course where that helps, that gives you some shots?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It is, I feel like I'm playing pretty well right now, getting the ball in play and making a few putts along the way, as well. So I definitely feel good going into the weekend.

Q. Is that what happened at Augusta? Because you had two really nice rounds there and two that weren't. Was it the driver or around the greens?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It was kind of a crazy week. I felt like I was playing good. And then that course is -- you hit it in some weird places and you can three-putt it anytime. It was a little bit of everything on the bad days. But the even days I played pretty good. So still felt good coming in. It was nice last week to play good on Friday and make the cut.

Q. This is a completely different animal from that?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, it is. It's totally different. Both of them are fantastic golf courses. This is an old style golf course that we don't see a lot of. You've got to hit a lot of different shots out here and work it around trees and just get the ball in the fairway. I think everybody enjoys it and wish we could see a little bit more of these.

Q. Is that kind of fun or after last week is the last thing you want to do is cook your brain with having to think more?
CHAD CAMPBELL: No, I know everybody enjoys it here. It's a great event. It's a great spot. A little bit more relaxed than last week, obviously.
I know everybody enjoys it.

Q. A nice place to be, guessing the winds will come up a little bit in the afternoon?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, I think so. Somebody will get to 10, 11, somewhere in there, probably. But definitely I like where I stand going into the weekend. Obviously I'd like to be couple more under, but that's the way it goes. So hopefully go out on the weekend and play some good golf.

Q. Keep up the good work.

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