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April 15, 2010

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK: I got off to a good start. I was making up for last week or something. It never even -- at that moment I didn't even remember that I played that. So there's no motivation from that. It's over with, it's done with and we're at a new course and new place and I like it here.

Q. You've had a lot of really good finishes here. It's one of those places you look forward to getting to?
JIM FURYK: It's feast or famine. I missed quite a few cuts here, too. I love the golf course, and I had back-to-back years when I finished tied for second and second. If you're not playing well, it doesn't matter how much you like from that point, this course can eat you up. I like the narrowness and shot-making part of it, the small greens. It's a fun golf course to play. There's no rough, but it's really hard.

Q. Tiger announced today that he's playing Quail. Are you glad to see it look like it's getting back to a sense of normal schedule, getting back out and moving on from there?
JIM FURYK: He's only played two events, that will only be the second one. Obviously we'd like to see him out playing, but he's got to do what's best for him. And he's never committed to events. This is probably one day early for him.

Q. This is seven days early.

Q. Eight days early.
JIM FURYK: Yeah. It's actually nice to maybe get that over with and move on. But still looking forward to the day you're not asking me about it. I don't blame you. I understand.

Q. Back to today's round, anything stand out?
JIM FURYK: I got off to a good start birdieing 2 and made a nice birdie at 3 -- it's 4, it's a tough par-3. And birdied 5 and 6 in behind it. The putter was hot. I didn't hit a lot of greens through 7, 8, 9 and 10. I was off to the edge of the green and making a bunch of pars. I had a couple of birdie putts, but not much.
Coming in I had good birdie putts on 16 and 17, I was able to make one of them. I was disappointed on the bogey on 18, but I made a bad swing and double crossed one there. It was hanging out right of the pin and it pulled left and kicked into the water. I would have liked to get in on 5. But it puts me in a good position.

Q. Which club did you hit in on No. 4, that birdie?
JIM FURYK: Believe it or not, it was only 193 yards, but I couldn't figure out what the wind was doing. I hit 3-iron. I have a 3 and 5. The wind should have been down. All the trees are blowing right in our face, and if I hit it up in the air, and the wind hits it nice and hard, I'm in trouble. At least if it goes through the green I can get it up and down, and it flew about 20 feet beyond the hole.

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