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April 15, 2010

Davis Love III


Q. Davis, five birdies, one bogey, came on the last hole. Thoughts on the round today?
DAVIS LOVE III: I played pretty well. I made a couple of putts and got away with a stolen one on 8 after a bad tee shot, got up and down from a hundred yards for par, but kind of gave it back there on 9 with a hundred yards in with a wedge and made a bogey.
The course is going to get trickier as the day goes on, and par is a pretty good score.

Q. Having won here five times, is there a comfort zone?
DAVIS LOVE III: I don't have -- I have to figure out my strategy here. I kind of felt that way on the first nine on the back. I felt like I'm playing typical Harbour Town golf. Missing it in the right places and making birdie putts. I hadn't made any birdies until 15, but then I finally started making some.
It's a comfortable feeling. It's a great place to play. As our group was all saying today, I wish we could play a golf course like this every week.

Q. You just turned 46 on Tuesday. And you saw what Freddie did at the Masters, Tom Watson, my goodness, do you feel like you've got a lot of good years left out there?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, I feel like I can play a long time. Greg Norman also won a British Open, Tom Watson almost won a British Open, and Freddie could have won The Masters last week. At Bay Hill I made 25 birdies. If I can do that, at the end of the week, if I'm not making the bogeys, I'm going to win.
I have to keep enjoying playing and having fun. 4-under here is a good start to try to win another one here.

Q. 67 for Davis Love. You started with that twice before in winning. What are your thoughts this day, particularly after that bogey on 9?
DAVIS LOVE III: I stole one at 8. I got up and down from a hundred yards for par on 8. I kind of gave it back there at 9. I hit the ball real solid all day. I got tricked a couple of times with the wind out there. I made a few putts, so I'm pretty happy.

Q. You've had some good results over the last few months, particularly at Bay Hill. What is going to be necessary for you to be able to turn that into the ultimate result?
DAVIS LOVE III: I think just hit it the way I hit it today. I hit a couple of tee shots out of the fairway, but other than that I hit pretty much solid shots all day long. I've got to be more consistent. I'm actually putting pretty good. If I give myself chances, I can make the putt.

Q. Could you give us your strategy?
DAVIS LOVE III: It's nice to play here. There wasn't as much wind as yesterday. Yesterday was very tricky in the afternoon playing. It's a little better to play in calm weather this morning. It's just nice to play a course you played I don't know how many times. But for 30 years I've been playing here. So it's nice to come in and feel comfortable.
But I was hitting the ball real well today. I rolled it very nicely, too, I made a couple of nice putts and a couple of nice chips. A good solid day.

Q. Are you pretty close to where you want to be?
DAVIS LOVE III: I'm hitting the ball solid. I'm making lots of birdies. Five birdies again today. I'm making plenty of birdies. I've just got to eliminate the bogeys. I did a pretty good job of that today. I made a couple of good chips, had easy pars. I didn't have a chance to really get up and down at 9, just got tricked by the wind there. But short game is pretty good. So I feel like I've got a chance, as long as I'm hitting the iron shots solid.

Q. You bogeyed No. 9 (inaudible.)
DAVIS LOVE III: I got away with it. I could have made 56 there. That was my really only bad swing of the day. I hit a bad swing off the tee there. And then I gave it back at 9. But all in all I probably should be happy at 4-under. And it's a good start, you know. You have to shoot a good round when it's calm like this in the morning. You don't get behind and have to play in the afternoon tomorrow, it's going to be a little trickier in the afternoons this week. Off to a good start, nice play to be.

Q. You said your game suits this course, why is that?
DAVIS LOVE III: I think I've learned to play the golf course. I'm an amateur golf course architect compared to Pete and those guys. I know what Pete is looking for here; you have to be able to put the ball in the right place off the tee in order to be able to hit it on the green. You can't get too aggressive.

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