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April 13, 2010

Paul-Henri Mathieu


J. MELZER/P. Mathieu
6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. You had some very good streaks during the match, but it was very difficult for you to play consistently for the whole match.
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: In fact, it was difficult for me to concentrate. I played well for a couple of games but I was not able to sustain that level during the whole match.
I was able to come back after the break, but the following games were tough.

Q. It was very tough physically for you?
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: Well, yes, because I feel that pain. As long as it doesn't go away, it's going to be very difficult for me.

Q. Can you explain this injury exactly.
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: My knee is hurting and also my abductors. It's been hurting since November.

Q. Are you taking any risk by playing all the same?
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: I was told that the groin pain would be there for a long time whether I play or not.

Q. Can you practice as you wish?
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: No. But I've been able to play for a whole week every day just before here, and I will try to do more during my practice sessions to make more efforts in order to get ready for the matches.

Q. Can you ignore the pain when you play?
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: Not really. In fact, I need a lot of energy to overcome the pain and also to overcome the fear.

Q. How long have you felt the pain?

Q. What kind of treatment do you have?
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: The physio is working with me. He's been with me for a whole month now and he's going to stay with me until the French Open.
In fact, in the beginning, we were working three hours a day together. Being on the table doesn't mean I have to make many physical efforts, but it is tough mentally.

Q. And will you feel the pain in the French Open?
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: Of course, the pain will still be there. But the pain is decreasing progressively. What I need is to get my confidence back, especially when I run, I need to know that I can run even with the pain.

Q. How much time will you need to be back to your best level?
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: I didn't give myself any deadline. The important thing for me is to win matches and also I can see the pain is decreasing with time.

Q. What is your schedule now?
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: It's going to be Rome and Munich. Next week I will be off. I want to use it for practicing very hard.

Q. At 3-All you were playing very well. Do you believe that was your best tennis?
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: I'm not so much worried about my tennis. What I'm worried about is finding the energy to overcome the pain.

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