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April 11, 2010

Hunter Mahan


Q. In summary how was it?
HUNTER MAHAN: It was good. It was good. I played hard, I played well, I just didn't get the -- didn't do the things you need to do to to win a Major. But I'm happy with how I played all day, really.

Q. What did you hit into 13?

Q. How far was the putt?
HUNTER MAHAN: It was pretty close. I guess 10 feet.

Q. Were you thinking at that point at all about possibly getting in the hunt?
HUNTER MAHAN: I was still four back I was probably going to have to make another probably eagle. So it was better than what I started with though going into the hole. But I had a chance, I guess.

Q. We got Anthony up there near the top of the board, we got you here, Rick Barnes played really well. Is it fair to say that a lot of the 20 something guys are starting to get their feet for Majors, getting to where they can be kind of comfortable challenging for Majors?
HUNTER MAHAN: I think so. I think it's just a natural progression of the game. Anthony's a TOUR winner, I'm TOUR winner, Sean O'Hair's a TOUR winner. We're winning and we look forward to these tournaments. These tournaments are so much fun. And this is where the greats make their name.

Q. You've been a pretty constant contender in Majors how much of that is experience, how much of that is swing changes, that kind of stuff?
HUNTER MAHAN: It's a natural progression of your game getting better. It's learning how to play in Majors, how to win in Majors, because it is a little different than other tournaments, and experience helps. It's no wonder that Tiger and Phil are always up there and Lee Westwood.

Q. At any point this week did you and Ricky Barnes say anything about 2002 and 2003 here and that you did get a first kind of taste of all of this.
HUNTER MAHAN: No, that was a long time ago.

Q. You have to start somewhere though.
HUNTER MAHAN: Well, yeah, but I guess that -- I don't know, we're trying to, I guess we are here now, so I guess we don't need to talk about that at all.

Q. He was talking a little bit about it, he said your careers kind of went like this. You kind of fast tracked it and it's and he's been kind of stumbling in the wilderness a little bit.
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, I've been, I stumbled there. Luckily I got my card real fast and then stumbled for the first years and figured some stuff out. And I got where my game it is, I understand it pretty well, I know how to play on TOUR, which is definitely different than amateur golf.

Q. Not only that, but you kind of put yourself right in that elite group in the Majors. That's the next thing, isn't it?
HUNTER MAHAN: I think so. I hope. So that's what I'm planning for and we got a great list of Majors this year and we got three left and I'm looking forward to each one.

Q. Is the ball flight different, you're playing a little fade now?
HUNTER MAHAN: No, it is less of a draw, I guess, I try to stay over the ball better. But it's not there yet.

Q. Highlights so far the Ryder Cup for you?
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, Ryder Cup. That's once every two years and so it was crazy.

Q. You're waiting for one of these to go on top that?
HUNTER MAHAN: I think. So that would be the topper.

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