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April 11, 2010

Fred Couples


Q. Your thoughts on the round?
FRED COUPLES: You're right, I had a perfect pairing with Hunter and I went out and I did, I played well the first five or six holes and made some birdies.
And then had 4-iron into 8 and did not make birdie.
But birdied 9.
I missed it on 10, missed it to the right on 11 with an iron, and then I tried to stuff it in on 12 and I hit it off the toe and it didn't carry. And a double there to end your misery. But I finished well and I had a great week.
I was battling on the back nine to try to make birdies I'm not really that kind of person looking for the meaning of it. The best meaning here is when I won in '92 and I continue to get to play here because of that.
I have a game that's suited to this course and what it means right now is I'm really disappointed in a few shots, but at the same time I'm glad to finish it out. So that's pretty good for me.

Q. (No microphone.)
FRED COUPLES: Well, this is my all-time favorite spot. I think every year I say that, so every year they come out and support me. And all of us who are the in the top, the last four or five groups come in there, we hear the roars for Anthony Kim, but those were great roars for me. I had a great time and the people here support all of us, but this is my favorite spot.

Q. (No microphone.)
FRED COUPLES: The first day. Leading Augusta at age 50, shooting 66, that stood out. The chip-in yesterday on 15, getting that roar. It was really four good days and a really bad finish on Friday afternoon the last few holes, but other than that it was fun.

Q. Outstanding round how do you feel?
FRED COUPLES: I feel great. It was a lot of fun. I hit the ball really well and it was a great four days for me. I kind of, I missed a shot on 10 to the right; missed a shot on 11 with a 7-iron, the easiest pin on the whole green and made bogey.
And then I figured that with an 8-iron I could go right for the pin on 12, knowing that I was five behind Phil at the time and I just didn't hit it very good and it just didn't carry. It was not a good shot.
But those are what you try and do. And other than that it was a good day. I birdied a few coming in, but it just took a lot of steam. It hit me on 12.

Q. How is the back?
FRED COUPLES: I feel good. I got a lot of rest yesterday and no excuses, I hit it a long way off the tee, which was the best thing I did all week. My back was okay.

Q. Talk about the way Tiger played.
FRED COUPLES: He played great. I'm sure he's going to be disappointed like the rest of us, but I think he played very well for not playing for a long time.

Q. (No microphone.)
FRED COUPLES: There's a lot going on. I guess Peter told me Phil hit a heck of a shot on 13, didn't make it for eagle, but still to hit it on that green from the pine straw that close was miraculous.
And then Anthony Kim put on a show today.
But Phil is a tough guy at this golf course and I'm very happy for him. I don't know, he still has golf to play, but it looks pretty good.

Q. Is it the weather we have had or what do you think?
FRED COUPLES: Well 80 degrees with no wind is pretty good. Or 85. First couple days were tough. But then what is it? He's 9-under for the weekend. That will do it.

Q. Everybody's playing really well.
FRED COUPLES: Yeah, no, I mean we haven't really had this course, since they lengthened it, this dry and fast. So a lot of the holes are a little shorter than they normally are, which helps.
Again, we played this beast from the back tees now and in wet weather and it's no go from there. It's pretty tough.

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