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April 10, 2010

Yong-Eun Yang


Q. You had such a difficult start with the double at No. 2 and then you really fought back hard.
Y.E. YANG: That double on the second really made everything harder today. Other players birdied that, and I didn't bogey but I double bogeyed it, but it was really hard. It was an uphill battle for me today.

Q. What was it like playing with Phil today?
Y.E. YANG: It's my fifth day, fifth round in a row, and I've gotten used to him, as I told you yesterday. He makes players comfortable. Fortunately for me today I was in a good area, good seat, to watch him play some incredible golf. So I was in spectator mode today.

Q. Were you able to feed off of that?
Y.E. YANG: It's something intangible. He's a good player. He played well, so I think there should be something positive about it for me to take away, as well.

Q. Compare playing a major with Tiger versus a major with Phil.
Y.E. YANG: It's a bit different because it's the third day instead of in my final round in the championship group, so there's less pressure on it. Whether or not you actually feel pressure is another thing, but still, it's a different atmosphere going into the fourth round of a championship group, the last group. So I can't really compare it. But at the same time, Tiger is tough, but it's also rewarding when the crowd cheers for you.
And also, if a player plays with you like in a third round, like today, if he has some positive golf, if he plays well, then there is something that will sort of chip off and come to me, as well.

Q. How long was the putt on the last hole?
Y.E. YANG: 32, 33 feet.

Q. That's got to make you feel pretty good. You're seven back, still in the thick of things.
Y.E. YANG: The goal is still the same, finish in the Top 10. I finished on a very good note, birdied the final putt, so hopefully tomorrow it's going to be an honor to chase for the green jacket but I guess realistic to go for a Top 10.

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