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April 10, 2010

Ricky Barnes


Q. How was it?
RICKY BARNES: You know, I fought really hard in the middle of the round to get it to 1-under, and then bogeying 17 with a three-putt kind of stung a little bit. But I didn't have my best stuff today, and if you're telling me I'm not going to have my best stuff around here and shoot even, I'm going to take it.
I've just got to get my iron play a little bit better than it was today. I probably hit enough fairways to score pretty well and just did not get very close. I had a chip-in, and then I played two solid holes, and just didn't hit a lot of quality iron shots like I have been over the past two days.

Q. What is it about this place that seems to suit your game?
RICKY BARNES: I like it. I think it's just my game off the tee. I like fast greens usually, and when I usually pick good lines and make good strokes, I like fast greens. You're not too worried about the ball getting to the hole.

Q. It looked like things were kind of starting to go awry a little bit with the bogey on 11, and then the chip-in and then you had another --
RICKY BARNES: I had a long putt, yeah. I hit two good shots on 15, good-looking shot. I hit a great shot into 16, and I almost got four in a row. Another revolution, I get four in a row after a not so great day. You know, I hit a good drive on 11 and hit a great putt. I hit three good putts in a row and missed them all. I hit a good putt on 9, I hit a good putt on 10 and I hit a good putt on 11, and I played the holes 2-over. I hit three good putts inside of let's say 10, 12 feet, and one of them for a birdie. So that kind of stung. And then to rebound like that and play well was nice.
I'll take even after what I did today. My iron game and distance control wasn't as good as it has been the last two days. I drove it pretty well, though. I'm still hitting a lot of fairways, just need to hit a lot closer approaches tomorrow.

Q. You seem like a guy where things can snowball if things are going good or bad. Today in that three-hole stretch it seemed to start getting to go pretty well.
RICKY BARNES: Yeah, I turned a leaf with a chip-in and got it going pretty good but even then wasn't hitting the ball really close off the tee. You know, I made a great swing on 16 to get the ball on the back level. But other than that, you know, irons weren't as crisp as I needed them.

Q. When you think back to last year, what did you learn, and how do you apply that to today and tomorrow?
RICKY BARNES: You know, I'm a day away from swinging it really good. Obviously I'm swinging it well this week. And I know the shots are there. It's unfortunate I had a great up-and-down on 18 but I slipped out of the fairway. You know, I'm sitting back there, and my right foot pulls out from under me. But aside from that, I feel like I'm playing good. I know I can get it going. Whether I can go out and shoot a big number tomorrow and get near the lead or at least I can go out and shoot a number and see what happens.

Q. What are you working on, the same stuff?
RICKY BARNES: Yeah, the same stuff. I got leaning a little bit today. I was way on my left side, kind of shut the ball down a little bit left. I need to make sure I'm staying back and keeping my tilt through the ball. I don't need that ball coming out hot left like it did on a couple shots.

Q. Will you work at an event like this, at a major?
RICKY BARNES: I'm just touching on things. I've just got to maintain that pretty much. I can work Monday and Tuesday, and then short game can never get good enough. I'm always kind of working on some shots, and my short game was pretty good.

Q. What happened on 17?
RICKY BARNES: I three-putted. That's about it. I hit a good shot, bad iron shot into the green, 25 feet, and I three-putted.

Q. Seems like that hole has been tripping a lot of people today.
RICKY BARNES: You know, it's a good pin. It's that back right pin.

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