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April 10, 2010

Anthony Kim


Q. (No microphone.)
ANTHONY KIM: It was obviously a tough day with some tough pins, but I had to hang in there and I think I did a pretty good job. It was just disappointing to end with a bogey there on the last.

Q. You're hearing the roars going on all around you. What was that like?
ANTHONY KIM: No, I've got pretty used to that in the last year and a half, so I just need to work on my game, I need to get my driver straightened out and those roars will start being for me soon.

Q. Going into the final round tomorrow what do you need to do?
ANTHONY KIM: Like I said, I just need to get my driver straightened out. Other than that everything else is okay. It's hard to go at pins from five yards, ten yards behind a tree, out of the rough, and trying to control your distances.
So it was a tough day, but I got through it, 1-over par is not too bad and you never know if you can go shoot something low early and see what happens.

Q. Seems like you've been able to keep your perspective on things, what would you say makes you able to laugh at situations like hitting into the gallery?
ANTHONY KIM: Well whenever you hit it into a gallery you want to be respectful and I just had a good opportunity to make par and didn't and that was pretty disappointing.

Q. I know you wanted to turn it around and gain ground on the people ahead of you, but is there something to be said for not falling back too much because you're just basically battling par all day?
ANTHONY KIM: Yeah, I was. I felt like that I was battling bogey sometimes. But it was a tough day, I hung in there the best I could and I gave everything I had. So I got to go out there and do the same tomorrow and hopefully a different result.

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