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April 10, 2010

Tom Watson


Q. As you finished on 18 you got a great ovation. After all these years is it still special, how does it touch you?
TOM WATSON: Sure it's special. It's just a wonderful feeling to have people show their respect and their pleasure about the way I play golf. I don't play all that great anymore, especially this week, but it was, it's always a nice pleasure to go around the golf course. And there was a lot of people that remember what I was in the 70's.

Q. You're having a great week, you're still in red numbers, you're still on leaderboard, that must make you feel good. What are you going to end up taking away from this week?
TOM WATSON: I don't know yet, it all depends on how I finish tomorrow. I didn't play very well today. I played my best round the first round and yesterday's round was about like today's round.
I didn't hit the ball quite as well today as I did yesterday, but the conditions were a lot easier today than they were yesterday and I shot better. But that's, I suspect this is going to be the easy day, the first day's going to be the easy day and tomorrow's going to be a tough day.

Q. I know you're focused on you doing your job, but when you hear the roars across the course, what feelings does that invoke in you and what do you think about?
TOM WATSON: Those roars are Augusta roars. I'm glad they're back.

Q. Did I hear you say you're disappointed in today?
TOM WATSON: I was disappointed about the way I played today. The golf course was again set up a little bit like the first day. With no wind and perfect conditions a 73 is not a very good score on Augusta today.
And it was because of my ball striking, I didn't strike the ball very well and I had, I just kind of had a dull, blah day out there today.
But it's still always a pleasure to walk around Augusta where the azaleas are popping and there was the most beautiful bluebird on 17 I ever saw. So it was an awesome day at Augusta today.

Q. Talk about the roars out there.
TOM WATSON: Well it was great. Well when you hole shots from the fairway like Mickelson does you're bound to get some roars. Especially eagle, eagle. That's what people are out here to see.

Q. You heard some encouragement out there today.
TOM WATSON: I did. I was very encouraged, the crowd was very supportive of me and I let them down, I didn't play very well.

Q. Couples is up there, he's 50 years.
TOM WATSON: I picked him. I picked him and Westwood this week. I saw that. I didn't pick Mickelson.

Q. What was your reasoning?
TOM WATSON: I just liked the way Westwood plays, and he's due, he's just due to be there again.
And I like the way Couples is playing. He had a tough day yesterday and his back wasn't real good, but today I think his back's good and he's back shooting low numbers.

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