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April 10, 2010

Bill Haas


BILL HAAS: I made some nice putts out there. I think I need to go to the range, maybe hit a few. I just didn't feel as comfortable over the ball. I don't know why, something was a little off today. But shot 1-under. Anything is the red is pretty good around here, so in position to maybe move up on the board tomorrow.

Q. As a first-timer a lot of guys struggle. Why have you been able to stay so focused?
BILL HAAS: I don't know. I mean, I'm 3-under par, so 1-under each day in theory is pretty good. But you want to do better. You want to shoot something in the 60s around here. I'm just trying to hit good golf shots and hit in the right spots so I don't make any big numbers. You can make birdies out here. The par-5s are gettable, which I haven't really gotten them this week. Maybe tomorrow if I can play three holes 3- or 4-under I can shoot a good score.

Q. Did the fan fall on you on No. 10?
BILL HAAS: I think she was ill. I think she laid down because she wasn't feeling well.

Q. Any thoughts on seeing your name on the leaderboard at Augusta?
BILL HAAS: Yeah, it's nice. I was looking right there, and I was the highest score, though. I want to be up there and be maybe in the middle of the pack or towards the top. You know, I'm in a good position tomorrow to do something really good tomorrow. I'm probably out of this winning but not out of a really good finish with a number tomorrow.

Q. Do you think about the top 16 tomorrow?
BILL HAAS: I don't think I can. I think I just go play my game and keep hitting good tee balls, and from there you can do something decent. You know, you can make bogeys here real quick if you start thinking too much, so I'm going to try to take it a shot at a time.

Q. What did you think of all the roars out there behind you?
BILL HAAS: I think it's awesome, yeah. Obviously Phil made two eagles in a row, eagle, eagle, birdie, and the fans love him here. They love him everywhere, but for him to do that, he loves this place, that's pretty cool.

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