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April 10, 2010

Jerry Kelly


Q. That was fun?
JERRY KELLY: Absolutely.

Q. Good round. Can you start off by telling us a little bit about the conditions on the course? Was it easier today or tougher?
JERRY KELLY: Any time it's not blowing it's easier. Some of the pins are still pretty tough. You know, you think that they have used up the ones where you can actually get it close and next thing you know you get to 14 and you know that one and you can get it close.
There's a few of them. But still it's just a test every time. And then I had 60 yard in on 13 and made bogey, you know, trying to get it back to that pin. And you can't let it down for a second.
I was just trying to get comfortable and I was pretty comfortable out there. I felt pretty good. I felt the same way, I don't know what it was, I was just a little crisper and made some putts.

Q. It looked like you made a lot of good swings and made a lot of good putts today.
JERRY KELLY: It was just solid. This is what's coming right now. I just feel great about my game. It hasn't shown up yet. It's been on the fringes, but it hasn't really show up.
Today it did show up. Still, loose compared to what I know can happen throughout an entire day, but it's showing me more and more all the time, which is great.

Q. Your lowest ever Masters round I think by two shots.
JERRY KELLY: Is it? Good.

Q. Yeah. A long time coming for you this year.
JERRY KELLY: I'm just getting better. I'm not getting worse, I'm getting better.
So that's about all. I feel like I'm two shots better than I used to be. Not like you're going to play two shots better everywhere, but if I make some putts I'm going to be able to shoot some lower rounds than I ever have in all the different spots.
So I'm excited. I told my wife last night, it's coming, one of these weeks something really good's going to happen. So it's working in right direction, I think.

Q. Have you noticed the fringe more forgiving near the water there?
JERRY KELLY: I mean we know it is, it can't stop balls, no way, that's not the case in the past.
I think it's kept it softer, so it's nice that they don't shave them completely, because you can have great shots that then end up in the water.
But it is what it is. Whatever you see on the first hole you hope it's consistent throughout the rest of the day and you play it for what it is. Because it's usually different every day.

Q. Was 4 your only miss of the day? You missed it to the right there. Were you trying to do something and didn't pull it off?
JERRY KELLY: I had to hit that as hard as I could to clear that bunker. I figured if I was in the bunker, so be it, I got an easy back stop, over to the right of it.
I hit a great chip, which I couldn't believe that it actually missed the fringe and went past. And then I hit a very good putt and it just broke a little more and that when it lost speed.
I was telling my caddie, you know, that's Augusta. I was a millimeter off on three different shots and usually you can save par on that, on those occasions, but at Augusta, not all the time.

Q. Finally 16 it looked like you had a real good chance there. It broke more than you thought it would?
JERRY KELLY: Yeah, it didn't fool me, but I went along the lines. And when we decide on something, we decide on something. And we decided on a little less than I initially thought. And he said, your feet are going to tell you one thing when you get in, but stay true to the line. And my feet went with what I thought, which was a lot of break. And I went with a little break and that's what happens.

Q. Did you see Stricker's shot on 12 from 13 tee?
JERRY KELLY: I was gone already. It was playing really slow.

Q. He almost holed it there.
JERRY KELLY: Did he? No kidding. Well that close for the crystal.

Q. How do you feel about going into tomorrow?
JERRY KELLY: I would have to shoot even more than that tomorrow to even have a chance. So I'm just happy with the way I'm playing. I'm not too worried about the Tournament, how it pans out, I just want to keep playing really good golf. If I happen to shoot 12-under here, great. Why not?

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