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April 9, 2010

Chad Campbell


Q. Just some general comments about today and the turnaround.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, you know, I felt like I was playing good coming here. I played pretty well last week, didn't score that well, but yesterday just got a little impatient, and here whenever you get that way and try to force things, it happens; you start making some big numbers, and it can happen pretty easy, especially when the wind is blowing like it was yesterday. I just played solid today, made a few putts, and I'm definitely happy with the way the round went today.

Q. What was the big key, the key stretch?
CHAD CAMPBELL: The key stretch was probably birdied 9 and 11 and knocked it on in two on 13 and had a look at eagle. Any time you can birdie 9 and 11, you're pretty happy.

Q. What did you hit into 9?

Q. And 11?
CHAD CAMPBELL: 4-iron. It bounced off the hill and rolled down there.

Q. So the key in your round was what?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I drove it a lot better today and made a few putts. The putter felt a lot better today. I think that more than anything.

Q. And the conditions, were they easier today or --
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know what, I think the course setup was much harder today, but condition-wise, as far as the wind, everything was quite a bit easier. But as far as the pins and they had all the tees back, it's playing pretty tough today.

Q. So yesterday after your round did you say, you know what, I just was impatient? Did you know that's what it was, and you just today really focused on that?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I think so. I really didn't know what it was yesterday. I really didn't practice or anything after I got done. I was pretty upset. I just came out here today with a little bit different attitude and knew if I shot a good round I'd have a chance. Luckily I was lucky enough I did.

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