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April 9, 2010

Steve Stricker


STEVE STRICKER: I wasn't wishing bad things for Ian. I actually thought 2-over would make it. I like the 10-shot rule.

Q. Is Ian doing everything good or is he --
STEVE STRICKER: He's doing everything good. He drove the ball great, he hit great iron shots. He hit a lot of good iron -- looks like he's in complete control of everything. His short game is spot on, and every time he hits a putt, it looks like it's going to go in. And that, too, when you're playing with a guy like that, it feels like you're playing much worse than you probably are, but he played great. I told him that in there. He's doing everything very well.

Q. Seems like you guys might have got hot around the same time on the back nine.
STEVE STRICKER: He's been hot for two days. He's played great. I was just trying to fight my way into the weekend. You know, it's important. You miss the cut here, and you leave here on a sour note. Instead, it's like I can play the weekend and be excited and maybe move up the leaderboard.

Q. (Question regarding 8th hole.)
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, it did. I tried to hook it around the pines and caught the last little branch there.

Q. Can I ask about 14? A lot of guys are having problems on that green. It seems to be the hardest hole in relation to par.
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, that's where the fine line comes in on that hole. Ikeda, the guy I was playing with there, the Japanese guy, we hit about a foot apart. I think mine was a foot forward and his was a foot back. He comes short and comes back down the hill and ends up making a 7. Mine gets over the hill and goes about 50, 60 feet way down to the right, and we both hit our shots right at the pin. So that's the kind of things that -- in the end, he hit on the same line but maybe about eight steps further up.
That hole there today, if you don't get it just left of the hole, it's going -- it's going to go all the way down. There's another tier in there, if you hit it deep enough it'll stay in the middle tier, but if you don't get it quite past the pin, it'll go all the way down, all the way down to the right.

Q. You can't spin it there, either.
STEVE STRICKER: You can't. We're coming in there with a 7-iron, and the wind is a little bit -- you're not sure if it's helping or hurting, so it's -- it's a tough hole.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, I mean, obviously if I'm not playing on the weekend, you don't have that opportunity. I hit some really good shots on the back nine, so I can take that home with me and hopefully put up a good number tomorrow. Having a shot at winning this thing is probably not possible, but just keep trying to move up and maybe get in the top -- I don't know what gets back here, 14 or 16.

Q. 16.
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, so I can come back here next year. So that's the goal right now.

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