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April 9, 2010

Ian Poulter


Q. I know you gave one back at the end, but you really had a very strong round. Talk about the birdies on the back nine.
IAN POULTER: Sure, that was -- I played solid all day, but I hit a good 8-iron on 12 to about eight feet, rolled it in; then hit 5-wood to the middle of 13, tricky two-putt, I rolled it probably ten feet by, made that coming back; and then a great 2 on 16, hit 8-iron to about eight feet and rolled it in.

Q. You won the Match Play earlier this year and won the final in dominating fashion. Has that helped fuel your confidence as you finish 36 holes here and allowed you to play this well?
IAN POULTER: Sure, yeah. I mean, this is a nice position to be in, and obviously winning a couple of months back is a huge factor in playing well this week. I'm rested. I've had two weeks off before. My preparation has been very good. Hopefully I can have a great weekend.

Q. You finished second at the U.S. Open two years ago. What will you take from that experience as you attempt to win the Masters here?
IAN POULTER: I'll take a lot of confidence from that, and obviously the last 18 months I've been playing very, very well, so I've been putting myself in position. It's all about going out there and enjoying. This is a great place to come and play golf. Certainly when you're playing well, it's a great golf course, great crowds, and it's nice to have some family here, as well.

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