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April 8, 2010

Enrico Blasi

Jarod Palmer

Tommy Wingels


Boston College – 7
Miami (Ohio) - 1

THE MODERATOR: We'll start with an opening comment from Coach on the game.
COACH BLASI: Really? I don't think you need a comment from me on that.
THE MODERATOR: Comment on the game.
COACH BLASI: Total domination from Boston College and we wish them the best of luck. They definitely deserved to win tonight.
THE MODERATOR: Questions for the players.

Q. Tommy, going into the Midwest Regional, guys on the team talked about the up-tempo practices and things like that and how there was a lot of energy and it was reflected in the play. Did you feel the same thing going into this game?
TOMMY WINGELS: I did. That's what's so frustrating about it. You prepare well. You have a week and a half off. And the practices leading up to it are good. The intensity is there this late in the season, so it's pretty encouraging.
They come out and you get totally dominated like that, it's pretty frustrating.

Q. Jarod, can you speak kind of like Groundhog Day playing against Boston College? What did you think you were going to be able to do against them this year that you couldn't do three years ago?
JAROD PALMER: Well, we thought we would get a little luck this year, but looks like the curse of Boston continues. And, I mean, I don't really know exactly what happened out there. But we're disappointed in our performance.
And regardless of what happened, I don't feel any different about my teammates. I still love the guys and still love the brotherhood. And I think it's going to be a long off-season, and we're going to have a lot of motivation to come back and be a little more prepared for this time around.

Q. Was there a sense of frustration those first two periods, just the lack of offensive opportunities, grade As that you guys were getting? You got something kind of early, but then the offense just seemed to go away.
TOMMY WINGELS: Yes, again, it's important to build shifts on top of one another. We'd have a good shift here or there then disappear for the next three, four minutes after that. Which was pretty frustrating. They're a very skilled team. Very offensive. And we had the mindset we can't turn pucks over going into the game.
And what do we do? We turn pucks over and they put up seven goals. We knew they were like that. All the credit goes to them for taking it to us and capitalizing on their opportunities.
JAROD PALMER: I mean, I don't really know what to say. Tommy said it perfectly. It was frustrating. Pure frustration. And every time I turned around it seemed like there was a BC guy right in your face.
When that happens, you try to simplify, try to win battles, and it's something that we didn't do.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you. Questions for Coach.

Q. Coach, I know when talking of this series between these teams in the tournament has come up, you see kind of different teams over the years, but BC tends to recruit a certain kind of player. And to a lesser extent, it seems like Miami does as well. Is there something about BC that makes them a bad matchup for you stylistically over time?
COACH BLASI: I think the matchup was pretty good. I think if we did what we needed to do, we would have -- you know, our goal was an indication of how we wanted to play.
The problem is, you've got two teams playing. And when they're contrasting styles, one or the other is going to dictate the way it's going to be played.
Tonight it was Boston College night. They wanted to play a certain way. We didn't react very well. First goals are huge in these games.
And once they got the second one, then the third one, then it just kind of -- they just kind of took off. And we couldn't play our game, because now you've got to force yourself to get back in the game and you've got to take chances, and now you're going to start to play their game, and that's exactly what happened.

Q. Andy Miele had a breakaway early in the second period, 1-0 at that point; he didn't get that. Did you think that was the biggest momentum swing of the game?
COACH BLASI: Well, he scores, it's 1-1. It's a different game, no question, and it would have been shorthanded, given us momentum.
You have to capitalize on your opportunities. The fact we weren't getting many to that point, and it was early in the second if we scored. Totally different game. So absolutely it was a turning point.

Q. Were you unhappy with the way Knapp was playing when you pulled him or were you trying to spur your team a little bit?
COACH BLASI: Again, both our goaltenders are the reason why we're here. And we wanted to change the momentum a little bit and I thought we did for a little bit, and then again we started to take chances. When you take chances against a team that plays so well in transition and spreads you out the way Boston College does, you tend to give up some odd-man rushes and it's tough on the goalies.

Q. You can talk this game into the ground about what you didn't do. But an amazing season, regardless, coming back after last year. Can you just put the season in perspective and talk about how important the brotherhood is in situations like this?
COACH BLASI: Again, tonight was one game. And it's disappointing. And it will sit with us for a little bit. When you sit back and take it all in, we had a great season. We're CCH champions. Midwest Regional champions. We got to the Frozen Four. We've had a lot of adversity that we've had to go through this year. Some real life situations. But I'm extremely proud of the way our team has played all year. Am I disappointed right now? Absolutely.
But it doesn't take away from the relationships that we have and the amount of care and love for each other that is in that locker room right now. And I think if you walked through our locker room you'd see that.
Tonight was not our night. We didn't play well. As simple as that.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Coach.

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