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April 8, 2010

Steve Stricker


Q. Was it hard to stay patient on the back nine when things weren't going great and you see a lot of red up on the board?
STEVE STRICKER: I never really put myself into a position where I could make any birdies, really. The par-5s something happened on both of them where I just was out of position. I was right up next to the green in two on 13 and then I thought I hit a pretty good chip, ended up staying up. Never went down the hill.
Just everything that kind of went wrong or could have gone wrong went wrong kind of thing. It's just like here on the last hole. Just the leaf almost hit me between the ball and my putter all at the same time. So just little things like that. And when you're losing your patience, things like that bother you more so than they should.
But we'll get out here tomorrow and hopefully in a little calmer conditions and see if I can't put up a decent number.

Q. What happened on the first couple drives?
STEVE STRICKER: Actually thought I hit the first one on the first hole pretty good. It was more downwind than what we thought.
Then on 2 I just turned it more than I thought. It actually landed up there I thought right on the edge in the fairway -- I don't know where it landed to tell you the truth, but you can't hit it left there, that's bogey. A good bogey.
I righted it, I righted the ship. I birdied the par-3 and -- but it was a struggle all day.

Q. Little pitch on 3, I saw a lot of guys kind of skip balls through back there, including you. Was that a harder shot than it looked?
STEVE STRICKER: You got to try to get it back there, it was down wind and greens were firm when you're hitting into an elevated shot where you can't really see, you know, and but really it wasn't that tough a shot. The guys behind me stuffed them right in there. But it was just kind of a struggle all day again.

Q. What do you think about the leaderboard?
STEVE STRICKER: It's pretty cool, isn't it. But that shows you it takes a lot of knowledge to get around here. Those guys still hit it plenty long to compete here. Watson still hits it out there pretty good and as we know Freddie bombs it still. And they have had success here.
So they feel good coming here. It's putting it in the proper spots here. They have been around here a gajillion times and they know how to play.

Q. (No microphone.)
STEVE STRICKER: No. No surprise at all. I figured he would come out and play well and he'll be around come Sunday afternoon, I'm sure.

Q. Were you guys talking about anything in particular on the third tee there? Just talking about wind and stuff?
STEVE STRICKER: We were just talking. I said I was sorry I missed him the last time around and he understood and we'll get out and play one of these next events that he's playing at, so, but, yeah, it's just good to see him.

Q. What was it like playing in the group right in front of him?
STEVE STRICKER: It didn't have any affect at all. We didn't even notice it. It's usually crowded at all these greens and it was no different today. It's not like they're, people aren't running up ahead to try to get in position or anything like that. So it was really not, it was a non-factor.

Q. Do you think that's a factor of where we are as the tournament that we're at?

Q. Or do you think that it may be different at a normal PGA TOUR event?
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, no question it's because of where we're at. They got some pretty strict policies with the patrons here with not running and getting out of control. So it was pretty calm out there really today.

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