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April 8, 2010

Fred Couples


Q. This spring you've had some spectacularly low rounds playing on the Champions Tour. Did you have any sense that you would come out on this course and do that here?
FRED COUPLES: Well that's my lowest round ever at Augusta, so no. It was blowing this morning, I was hoping to just get off to a good start and I birdied the first two holes which was a way better start than I thought. And I just hung in there and it was very hard out there.
I made an unbelievable up-and-down on the 10th hole from in the shrubs left and from then on made a lot of birdies. But the Champions Tour has been a lot of fun, but this is where I really want to play well and today was a very good day for me.

Q. You've had basically 25 years of success here including your championship in '92. What is it about this course and this tournament that you love and that allows you to play so well?
FRED COUPLES: I think that even from the very first year watching on TV I always loved the event. It's so much fun to watch. Then finally getting here and then winning it's just been a blessing for me to be able to come back every year since '92. And I don't know how many more years I have, but this is a pretty good start to 2010.
It's just a phenomenal course, I think it plays different every day. They say that about other courses and they're the greatest courses in the world. Augusta, if you get two miles an hour of wind every hole plays differently. And today was, I think, as good a round as I've ever played here.

Q. You may not be aware of what some of the other guys did, but some former champions also in the 50-plus categories, Tom Watson, 5-under, Sandy, 3-under, Bernhard Langer, 1-under.
FRED COUPLES: Well I saw those. Even the last two years you had this great cut thing going and I missed the cut the last two years by a stroke each time, but I still played very good golf on a good golf course.
I think that's the same for Sandy and Tom and Bernhard and several other guys. But the idea that we're all so old, it's also a blessing if you play well.
Everyone thinks it's a miracle, but Tom Watson is some kind of player. And to shoot that round it's, it would give anyone a big boost. But it's nice to see. 67, that's pretty darn good.

Q. I know that when you're out here you're out here to win it. Do you think you can hang in all four rounds.
FRED COUPLES: I'm very sore right now, to be quite honest. I have an early tee time tomorrow 9:40 which is great and I'm hoping it won't be blowing. It seems like every day I play is in the wind lately, but if -- yeah, I mean I didn't shoot a 67 today or whatever, 66 today because of luck. But tomorrow it's a lot of pressure to be leading and we'll see what happens.

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