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April 4, 2010

Graham DeLaet


Q. Graham, one bogey in the last 54 holes. What a great week.
GRAHAM DELAET: Yeah. I mean, it was awesome. All I could ask for. I didn't quite make as many birdie putts as I could. I made a lot of par saves, so kind of equals out.

Q. How about that one at 18?
GRAHAM DELAET: It was awesome. I hit a decent tee shot there. I was trying to turn it a little more and didn't quite get through. It sat down in the bunker. Yeah, it was a way to finish.

Q. Your eyes a little large now. You must have been in a pretty good zone the last few days.
GRAHAM DELAET: I owe a lot to my caddy Basil. He kept me laughing. We didn't do anything different today than we did the last three days. I owe a lot to him. He kept me focused on the shot at hand. Awesome week.

Q. Long way from where you were a year ago.
GRAHAM DELAET: Yeah. You know, obviously this is where I want to be. I'm happy to be here, and today will go a long ways of keeping me here. So even if it doesn't work out that I don't win or whatever -- obviously you don't want to wish bogies or anything on the guys coming in. They're not easy finishing holes. Yeah. I'm super excited about the week, and yeah, hopefully, it's enough to get into Augusta.

Q. You played great. Congratulations. We'll talk to you down the road.

Q. New logo. How much confidence does it give you if someone has got faith in you?
GRAHAM DELAET: I didn't really think of it that much. It's nice to have support, I guess, but I don't put any more pressure on myself to play any better because I'm wearing a different logo on my shirt.

Q. Top-10 here will get you into New Orleans. What do you think about that?
GRAHAM DELAET: Anything that I can get into right now, I'm taking because rookie season. It's unfortunate because I've been playing really well the last three, four weeks. I played well in Puerto Rico. I didn't get in the last two tournaments. I finally got in here. So not playing next week and Hilton Head, this will help because of the reshuffle here. Felt like I was playing really well and hope to get in the golf tournament. It was nice when I got in.

Q. It's a good week with the rookies for the reshuffle.

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