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April 4, 2010

Ben Curtis


Q. Lot of birdies out there today.
BEN CURTIS: Yeah, I did. Read these greens the first three days and just concentrated today. Take the line and hit it, where the first couple days, I kind of got over it, like changed my mind or something. But today I misread one putt all day. It was good.

Q. Give yourself a lot of opportunities, too. Hit 17 of 18 greens.
BEN CURTIS: That was nice. Hit the ball solid. Seemed to find the center of the club face today and wasn't trying to hit it, just trying to hit it in the middle of the greens and just give myself a chance. That's what I kept telling myself. No matter where I was, give myself a chance.

Q. Leaders just about to go off. What can you talk about conditions and the way the course is set up and playing.
BEN CURTIS: It's good. We didn't have much wind and was soft, little bit of a drizzle this morning. So, you know, see some guys shooting 4, 5-under today. I played probably about as good as I could play. I could have made a couple more, but then I also made a few long ones. I think the winning score will be under 13, 14.

Q. Wind is supposed to come up this afternoon. You might hang on to a Top-10.
BEN CURTIS: That would be nice. Definitely good to get a good round under my belt heading into Augusta, give a little confidence, especially the putting. Hit the ball pretty decent all day. Struggled with the putter.

Q. Do you think this is good preparation for the Masters the way the course is set up, and what are your expectations at Augusta?
BEN CURTIS: Perfect set-up. Not much rough. Similar to the conditions we play. Lot more water than Augusta, but, you know, like 6 and 18, some of those shots you have in there are pretty scary, so it makes next week maybe not as bad.

Q. Good playing. May be headed for your second Major next week.
BEN CURTIS: It will be nice. Keep plugging along. If it happens, it happens.

Q. Ben, when you played so well today, you could have been better during the week?
BEN CURTIS: Everybody knows how hard it is to shoot 65.

Q. Little different --
BEN CURTIS: Little different when you tee off at 8:30 compared to 12:30. Yeah, definitely, it's just a good confidence boost. I just kept telling myself all day, just middle of the green, or if I got a wedge in my hand, be a little bit aggressive. Take advantage of some opportunities. That's what I did.

Q. You played good at Arnold's tournament last week. Is there something you found recently?
BEN CURTIS: I putted much better. I mean, even though I didn't putt good the first two days, I wasn't 3-putting. Most of the putts were around the hole. Just a matter of reading them correctly. Today was -- today was good golf. First hole made a 25, 30-footer, and it just kind of seemed to free me up a little bit.

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