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April 3, 2010

Jim Courier

Fernando Gonzalez

Gustavo Kuerten


7-5, 3-6, 1-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Gonzo, first of all, you must be pretty proud of Andy Roddick. This guy has a final tomorrow, and he's out there goofing around for a few hours. Did you guy plot not to hurt him?
FERNANDO GONZ√ɬĀLEZ: They won the match anyway, so... Yeah, I mean, I'm really proud from Andy, from Jim, from Guga.
I mean, Andy have to play a really important match tomorrow. I mean, I feel really, really good about him. He's a great person.
We think maybe really similar, because we know that there is something most important thing than tennis. I think he feel that way.
Jim come from New York special for this match. So I mean, that really talks good about his person.
Guga came from Brazil as well. He get here yesterday. I mean, I don't know how to thanks these guys. They make really big effort, and for my country that's really important.

Q. Do you think Andy is gonna have some South American fans tomorrow?
FERNANDO GONZ√ɬĀLEZ: I think some. I will come. I mean, I hope he win the tournament. He really deserve this and much more, like I said on the court.

Q. What inspired Jim, Guga to come?
GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Well, first the initiative of Fernando, of course. As far as he knew I was here last weekend. He came to talk to me and make sure I understand what's was involved.
For sure the cause was the most important thing. We felt very closely. Even in Brazil we can feel the shaking of the earth.
So this motivate me enough to come out here. I love to be involve in cause like that. I born with this kind of education from my family. I like to be helping people.
So for me it was great opportunity. I thought was very pleasure to be out on the court again and doing that.
JIM COURIER: Well, I agree with both of these guys. I think to take it one step further, tennis is one big family, and we're good about supporting each other.
Initiatives like this in a time of crisis like this, we're lucky, tennis is lucky we have a platform to raise money and raise awareness. When you have someone like Fernando taking the lead and making the calls, we're gonna say yes to him. It would be really inconceivable to say no to something like this.
With his leadership it's very easy to come down here, and with the tournament's help. I mean, we break all the barriers down. This is obviously miniscule. We could talk for the rest of our lives about the meaning of why we're here.
But in some small way, we're hoping to make a difference. I'm privileged to be here. Sorry to take it so deep.

Q. Fernando, when you went to Chile, what did you see?
FERNANDO GONZ√ɬĀLEZ: Exactly the same that you see on TV. I spent almost three days over there. I went to between ten and twelve different locations. Just a lot of damage. There is a few small city that really disappear.
I mean, the people are scared. They have no faith. Some people lose family. Most of the people lost houses, jobs, everything. They have nothing.
So I went there in a signal to say, I mean, my country is all together. We gonna go together. We gonna go through after that.
I mean, because this earthquake have a lot of victims, you know. Still, the people scared. I mean, they're trying. They want to go through, but they need help.
They need help. They need the first push. I think all the Chileans are trying to help.

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