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April 1, 2010

Fred Couples


Q. How did you like today?
FRED COUPLES: What did I like about it? On a day like this, with the wind and as fast as the greens, 71 is probably like a 69 in the morning. I feel pretty good about that. I hit the ball well. Hit a lot of greens and got it around. I don't know what tomorrow is supposed to be like. I hear it's supposed to be windy and maybe some storms. So that's not always fun to play in the wind. Today was a good round.

Q. You're playing so well. Why is that over this last four, five, six weeks, whatever it is?
FRED COUPLES: Well, I'm driving the ball great, and I've been putting well. Today was a tough day. I didn't hit the ball particularly close, so birdies were hard to come by. But I made a lot of nice little 4 and 5-footers for par out there in the wind.
I need to continue to do that, otherwise you're going to struggle on a course as hard as this.

Q. Fred, how special is this tournament to you?
FRED COUPLES: I went to school here and won here several years ago, so it's one of my favorite stops. I don't skip it very often. I've got a lot of U of H people out there. It's a great week for me.

Q. Fred, what a solid round of golf, 15 greens in windy conditions.
FRED COUPLES: Yeah. I played well. It was very hard out there. You know, there are some good scorers. Anthony Kim behind us. 71, I think is a very, very good score in that wind and fast and hard greens.
I'm in good shape. Still way behind, but I'm not way behind on the side of the draw that I got. I got to be pretty close to most of the guys that played in the afternoon with 71.

Q. Talk about how comfortable you were coming off the Champions Tour. Was a comfortable round for you?
FRED COUPLES: It's hard out there. The comfort zone is gone when you're trying to hit balls into the wind, crosswinds, downwind on the rock-hard greens that are extremely fast. But my swing feels like it's in a comfort zone, and I hit the ball solid. I did hit a lot of greens. I didn't exactly knock the flags down, but even good shots are going to roll 25, 30 feet away because of how fast the greens are. I kept it in most of the right spots, and tomorrow, you know, if it's a better day and I hit the ball well, we'll see what happens.

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