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April 1, 2010

Becky Brewerton


Q. Well, great start, Becky. A round of 69. It was kind of a Welsh morning for you to make you feel at home.
BECKY BREWERTON: Yeah. It was very cold when I got here this morning. I had my warm clothes on, but as I got to about the 10th, it started to warm up, which was nice.
But yeah, it was nice to be out early this morning, just to get in and get a round in first.

Q. How did the golf course play? You're a long hitter. Does it suit the long hitters?
BECKY BREWERTON: I think so, yeah. You have to be long in Australia. All the parts of your game get really tested here.
I don't remember playing any other course where you hit so many 5-irons, 6-irons, 4-irons into greens. It's a little bit of a shock you have to warm up quite a lot before the start of the tournament.
The front nine was playing a little bit longer because it was still quite cold. It was almost like someone just switched the oven on when we got to the 10th and all of a sudden the ball was going a bit further and running a little bit further, so it was nice to play the Back 9 a little bit shorter.

Q. You've played the Kraft Nabisco once, but you've had other experiences here. Tell us about that.
BECKY BREWERTON: Yeah. I've played Q-School, the first stage of Q-School here twice. The first time I got through quite comfortably, and then last time I was right on the borderline and didn't play well actually, so I've played the course when my game's been good and not so good.

Q. Now, you're playing on the Ladies European Tour, which is your home tour. You've been globetrotting to begin the year. Tell us about your travels.
BECKY BREWERTON: Yeah. I started off the year in Australia, which is a nice trip. I had one tournament in New Zealand, two in Australia, home for a week and then out here, so I've literally been around the world so far, but no, it's been good. It's a great way to start the year. Those tournaments in Australia are great, and knowing I was going to be coming here, those tournaments were actually ideal preparation for this one.

Q. Thank you.
BECKY BREWERTON: Thank you very much.

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