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April 1, 2010

Kevin Stadler


DOUG MILNE: All right. Well, Kevin Stadler, thanks for joining us for a few minutes after a successful Round 1 of the Shell Houston Open, 5-under par 67, highlighted by four consecutive birdies coming in on the backside. We talked a little bit up there about the wind, obviously be a factor today. And given the conditions, you've got to be happy with how you're standing after Round 1.
KEVIN STADLER: Yeah, absolutely. I definitely wasn't expecting, kind of fighting my golf swing here the last week or two, but, you know, I got around today, and I was just basically hanging out watching Vaughn play early in the round. He was lighting it up. He was 6 -- 5, 6, 7-under through 12, something like that, and then I think I was only 1 or 2-under at the time.
I made it through there in the back and it ended up being a good day.
DOUG MILNE: At that, we'll go ahead and open it up for a few questions.

Q. What specifically are you fighting with your swing?
KEVIN STADLER: My typical issues. I get my shoulders real open and just kind of spirals from there. I got here last Sunday, missed the cut at Bay Hill last week. Put a ton of work on the range. Found out on the range, just kind of taking it to the course. It was a little scrappy today. But some stuff that I can get better.

Q. You got several Top 20 finishes this year. Do you feel like you're kind close to breaking through?
KEVIN STADLER: Yeah. You know, I've been hitting it great all year. I've been really happy where my swing has been, except in these last couple weeks, it's been off a little bit. But, you know, the last couple years, many times it would just be a matter of the putter. I haven't really made much to speak of for the last three, four years. And it tends to be, when I do and if it can hang around for the course of the week, it ends up being a really good week.
I feel like I've improved my short game and getting more consistent the way I've been hitting it, and if I can just sneak a few in, then it should be a good week.

Q. Just wondering, obviously with the wind, it's a big factor out here. Is there another key to this golf course that you're trying to focus on this week to play well?
KEVIN STADLER: Not really. It's pretty forgiving off the tee, but you still need to drive it in the right spots. Some of these greens, they can stick pins that are pretty inaccessible unless you're in the correct side of the fairway.
I mean, that being said, it's pretty easy to make par really if you're not being aggressive. But in order to make some birdies, you need to be playing from the right angles and right spots.
DOUG MILNE: Okay. Any other questions? Kevin, if you wouldn't mind just running through your birdies real quick and just give us some clubs and yardages as best you remember.
KEVIN STADLER: 6 -- I have my yardage in my pocket if you want them.
DOUG MILNE: Yeah, that would be great. Cheat sheet.
KEVIN STADLER: 6, hit the 7-iron, 177. Pretty poor drive off in the rough. One of those pins you just don't go at. There's a hump in the middle of the green. Got to hit it in the right spot. Fed over there about 15 feet or so, made that.
7, I hit a 7-iron again, par 3, 169, be about 15, 20 feet short of the hole and made another good one there. I had that string on the back-9 where I was close on 12, probably 5 feet.
13, I was greenside in 2 and hit a pretty poor chip, probably 10, 15 feet and knocked it in.
14, was -- lit a good shot, 4-iron probably about 10 feet.
And then 15, I got out of position a little bit and then hit it about 15, 20 feet right of the hole and made that.
DOUG MILNE: 18, was that --
KEVIN STADLER: 18, drove it in the fairway bunker. Just -- I don't know. I kind of hit it a little fat out of there. I'll take it 20 yards short or that green everyday. I was really happy with the pitch I hit. It just caught the little gap there between the fringe and the green and shot forward. When I hit it, I thought I hit it up to the top end. Ended up being a good ways by the hole and didn't make it there.
DOUG MILNE: Okay. Kevin, we appreciate your time. Congratulations on a good Round 1.

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