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March 30, 2010

Brittany Lincicome


DAVID HIGDON: Good afternoon. Welcome to the Kraft Nabisco Championship. We are here with the defending champion of the 2009 Kraft Nabisco Championship. How does that sound?
DAVID HIGDON: It was an amazing year. Have you been back here since the jump into Poppy's Pond?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I have not. My parents were here not too long ago and kind of walked around and saw my little plaque on 18. Yeah, but I haven't, unfortunately.
DAVID HIGDON: What was it like when you actually first stepped on grounds yesterday? What did it feel like?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Driving in, it was like, there I am, there I am, there I am. There was posters everywhere, which was very cool. I've always wanted to be on the little cards or the program or anything. So now it's like, okay, there I am. All I gotta do is win every week and my picture will be up everywhere.
DAVID HIGDON: Well, certainly it was a big win, and you've enjoyed the fruits of that effort. New sponsorships and partnerships with Pure Silk, which their commercial of you is currently up on LPGA.com for anyone who wants to see it. And certainly when we were here for Media Day a couple weeks ago with Barbie in there, I can be campaigned to inspire kids. Tell us a little bit about those two new programs and anything else you got going on.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I'm like a NASCAR driver. I got a lot going on. Yeah, the Barbie thing, I still haven't seen my doll out there. I guess it's somewhere, I guess when you're coming in. That's very cool eye candy, just kind of inspiring young girls to kind of reach for their goals and to be whatever they want to be, whether it's myself being a golfer or Danica Patrick or one of the other famous very talented women.
And the Pure Silk deal is another very cool deal that I have this year. My legs are always going to be nice and smooth. (Laughs). If you see the commercial, it's really funny.
DAVID HIGDON: For the men in the audience, it's just a brand of Barbasol. Anyway, questions from the media that do not relate to her shaving techniques or anything quite like that.

Q. Obviously defending champion, we know about the shots. What else do you remember from last year?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I think it was the shot. Everybody always comes up to me, and they're like, I saw your shot. Talk me through it.
It was really funny, yeah, I was there. I remember doing it.
But yeah, it was great memories, hitting the shot or just even -- just knowing that I can do that under pressure and overcome the fears or the nerves. It doesn't even have to be that shot. It doesn't have to be a 3-wood, just any club, knowing that I can hit a great shot like that under pressure.

Q. And how is your game coming in?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Good. I've been working really hard. Last week I hit the ball really well. Just didn't putt very well. Those greens were very tricky, so got here on Sunday, played a few holes, played yesterday, just working on short game.
The rough is really thick out there, so definitely trying to keep it in play and work on some chipping and putting and should be good to go.

Q. You mentioned the plaque. Have you seen it yet?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah. I played yesterday, played the Back 9 and got to see it. I was going to take my picture by it and Tweet it, but I haven't done that yet.

Q. Can you just talk about pausing there? Did it bring back a memory? Were you with somebody who would again ask you about the shot? Can you talk about seeing the plaque and what was going on?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah. Just even standing on the tee box and looking down the fairway and just kind of everything coming back and all the fans, just remembering being there.
And I was playing by myself, unfortunately. I was hoping to have Cristie out there with me, but she obviously was playing on Sunday, so she didn't get in till late. So we didn't get to play together.
But just walking down the fairway and dropping a few balls and hitting 3-woods into that green. The green stands are moved from last year, so it's a little bit different visual this year than last year, but definitely great memories. Hitting a bunch of shots and doing a lot of putting and chipping, and like I said, walking by that plaque, there's a lot of cool names on that wall. So nice to be in good company.

Q. You didn't drop a ball there and replay it, did you?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: The hybrid? Of course, yeah. I hit a few, actually. It's actually nice -- this is awful, but the grand stands are moved right directly behind the green, and even if you hit it over that green, you can't hit it in the water because the grand stand is going to stop it. So I did notice that.

Q. Did you putt in any four feet?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: No. I'm saving those, saving those for Thursday.

Q. I'm glad you noticed the grand stand. I noticed that yesterday. It's like free-wheeling out there.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: It really is just visually sets up the green when you're looking at it. It's definitely different.

Q. Other than that, talk about the golf course. You said the rough was healthy.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: They've definitely been growing it for a while, which is good. I mean this is a Major. They're going to play tough. It's going to play long and it's going to play hard. So the thicker the better I guess. It just makes you drive it in play, and the greens are already running at 12 and a half, the superintendent said, so I'm sure they'll be nothing but quicker even on the weekend.

Q. It would seem that would play both into your game and maybe into some of the problems that you've had in the year. It's a long course and you hit it so long that that's a big advantage, but sometimes you hit it a little sideways.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah. It works both ways. Even if you hit it a long ways, but you're in the rough, I'm still going to have a shorter iron than most of the field. So the length, my length is a huge advantage. So if I even keep it in play or even in the first cut maybe, I should do pretty good.
Definitely practice hitting some hybrids out of the rough just in case, though.
DAVID HIGDON: Actually on that, can I take a moment here? Last night we actually unveiled the portrait of Brittany from her championship last year, and the artist is here with us, Graham Baxter, who Graham, if you want to come up and show the media that are gathered here. Very nice work, Graham.
Actually that's Graham's most recent work and this was from 2006. This is one of his paintings as well.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Thank you very much. It's very beautiful.
DAVID HIGDON: That doesn't stay here? Do you get to bring it home?
DAVID HIGDON: You don't have any room in the condo, do you?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: No. It's beautiful.
DAVID HIGDON: Actually Brittany's spent the off season housing most of the LPGA and Duramed Futures Tour players at her condo in St. Pete. So anyway, thank you for stopping by, Graham, and great work, and obviously a memorable moment that Brittany will be reliving again later. Any other questions from the media?

Q. Can you just talk about the aftermath of winning, how you dealt with it? Did you elevate expectations on yourself? What's it been like to be a Major champion?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I was definitely on Cloud 9 for at least a few months, you know. It's hard to -- it's what I'm trying to learn. I'm only 24. Every time I seem to win I always get on this high cloud, and I can't really focus and kind of get back to playing golf.
But it's still cool, just to be able to say that I'm a Major winner or even a winner in general, it's a very cool feeling. So definitely learn how to win, celebrate and kind of move on, because I seem to win early and the rest of my season doesn't seem to match my win. So definitely working on that.
But it's still a win. I'm definitely very excited. It's good for my confidence. So it's a good thing.

Q. We were talking to Michelle about the rules infraction on Sunday. And just wondering would you go back -- I guess, at what point did you feel comfortable that you knew all the rules? When something like that happens, do you go back and brush up on them?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: You know, I honestly don't even know what happened. I think I heard she grounded her club in the hazard. Okay. Honestly, I think I was driving here. I wasn't even watching.
But there's so many rules, I mean that one obviously anybody should have known, but pretty basic. But even being out here, this is my sixth season on Tour, I'm still calling rules officials over not knowing all the rules. So maybe we should have a rules meeting for Tour members, because there's still so many rules that I get stumped with all the time that I'm calling in rules officials, and I'm like, oh, I've never dealt with something like that before.
Last week I was by a car, and I was like I'm not taking a drop from a car.

Q. So if you're in any way in doubt of something, do you always ask your playing partner or call a rules official?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yes. Absolutely. I always take the extra time, call the rules official over and make sure you get it right.

Q. You're defending a Major title here, but you've only had three tournaments. Do you feel competitively sharp coming in to this week?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah. I do. I played really well in Thailand and Singapore. I actually played in Australia as well, so I have one extra tournament that a few other girls don't have. So it's just good.
But definitely, it's hard to get back in to competition. In Thailand and Singapore I was very, very nervous. It took a few holes to kind of get back into it a little bit. But definitely hitting the ball well.
I feel like I'm hitting it really great. I've been working with my Vision 54 ladies last couple of days, so I'm trying to get the mental side of the game there, so I definitely feel like I'm ready and I'm hitting it very well.

Q. We might see some changes in the weather with a beautiful day today, but there might be some wind and rain and some cold nights and cold mornings followed by hot, dry weather. How do you adjust and mentally prepare for changes in weather like that in a tournament?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah. I hear it's going to be like 64 on Thursday. It kind of sounds like Friday -- was it Friday last year that was really bad weather?
You just -- you play with it, you deal with it. It's kind of our job being that we play a sport that's outside. So unfortunately, being a Florida girl, I'm used to the warm weather. I love it to be 80-plus.
Thailand and Singapore it was like 105 every day, so I love the hot weather. But I definitely have enough hand warmers and Under Armour and layers of clothes that I will definitely be warm enough. I will have my ear muffs on, so don't laugh at me. It's a Florida thing. I definitely love the hot weather, but I have enough warm clothes.
DAVID HIGDON: Any other questions? All right. Thank you very much.

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