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March 28, 2010

Caroline Wozniacki


C. WOZNIACKI/M. Kirilenko
1-6, 6-1, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You look much better than you did in the first set. Please tell us what happened, how you got through that, and why you didn't quit.
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Well, I obviously didn't feel 100% today. Yesterday I had to retire from my doubles because I didn't feel healthy enough to play.
Today I felt much better this morning, but, I mean, still had some problems with my head and the throat. But, you know, I wanted to go out there and try to win. That's what I did.
Maria was playing a really good first set. I really didn't have too much of a chance. I just thought, okay, I mean, I don't have anything to lose. I just tried to go out there and fight for every point. Even though I didn't feel 100%, I still went out there and fought.
The third set I started to feel better already. I think everything started to get to normal almost, and I felt much better.

Q. Were you dizzy at any point? Did you take something to make you feel better?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Yeah, I felt dizzy, yeah, from the middle of the first set already. I took Tylenol and Advil, and, yeah, I don't know. Yeah, I think, that's it. (laughter.)

Q. Is that all?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: No, that was it. But that definitely helped. And I think especially the Advil kicked in end of the second set. I started to feel better. It felt like my dizziness went off a little bit, as well.

Q. Did you have a flu or a stomach bug or do you know what you have?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I don't know exactly what it is. I think it's -- they told me I have a virus. Viral illness, they called it.
So, yeah, I just need to go to bed and relax and get my feet up and try to come back tomorrow strong.

Q. Do you think it was hard for Maria to play against you knowing she saw something might have been wrong, whatever, was hard to change tactics or thought you might not make it the whole match or whatnot?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I don't know. That's difficult for me to say. She played a great first set, and she gave me the chance to come back in the second, and then I got the belief and I started feeling better.
I just kept hanging in there, and my fighting spirit got to me and I was there.

Q. Both being adidas girls, how well do you know each other?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: We know each other very well. She's a very good friend of mine, and she's a very sweet girl. We talk to each other quite a bit. We're good friends.

Q. How close were you to retiring in this match?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I really didn't think about retiring. I just thought to keep on going. Try to do my best.

Q. Have you ever had your blood pressure taken on court before?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I'm not sure. I think once after -- yeah, in Doha, I think. Right? I think I had the blood pressure taken.

Q. How was it?

Q. What were your numbers?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I know today they were very low. I don't know how much that means, but... Well, You have to ask the doctor for that. (laughter.)

Q. No dancing tonight, eh?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: No dancing tonight for sure. Room service, a lot of fluids, and just relaxing on my program. Maybe a good movie.

Q. I saw your dad was with you, dad and coach, obviously. What did he tell you?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: He just told me, You're playing great. Keep hanging in there. You're a great fighter.
In the third set he came in and he told me, Relax. You have nothing to lose. To me you're still a champion still playing here, I mean, after two hours and something and not feeling great. I mean, doesn't matter what happens. Just try your best.

Q. You made it to the finals last week at Indian Wells. Do you think maybe also part of it is fatigue that you're experiencing with a lot of tennis the last few weeks?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I feel these are just -- they're really, really high-ranked tournaments just under the Grand Slams, and they are almost two-week tournaments just like the Grand Slams.
Everybody is playing. It takes a lot of strength not only physically but mentally, as well. You don't really get to come down after such a big final, so I think maybe it just got to me.
Then I had a huge match the first day where I almost went out, and I just think that just took everything out of me.
Again, my fighting spirit didn't give up, and I'm still here.

Q. How is your arrangement working out? I mean, you go to Las Vegas a little with Sven and Gil Reyes.
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Actually, I didn't go to Las Vegas. My dad, he's my main coach as always. Sven and Mats are here at some of the big tournaments helping out.
I have a really good fitness coach who is also a boxing coach, but he's preparing me physically. He's doing such a good job. I feel in better shape than ever.

Q. Get plenty of rest, plenty of fluids.

End of FastScripts

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