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March 29, 2010

Kevin Na


Q. You gave it a good run coming in, the lie on 18, no way you could go across the water?
KEVIN NA: There's no chance. Even Tiger Woods couldn't have gotten over the water. With the lie as wet as it is, there's absolutely no chance. I hit a great third shot, great third shot, just right at the pin and takes a lot of guts to go at the flag. If I hit in the water it costs me a lot.
I hit a great shot, and the putt, there was no doubt in my mind I was going to make that putt because it was a right-to-left putt, the way I like it. I just can't believe I didn't -- that was a shocker it came up short. I hit it and I was like, oh, no, it's too soft but it's downhill and I thought it would keep running and just fall in. But it stopped just an inch short of the hole.

Q. You gave yourself a good eagle chance at 16, too, and 17, you gave yourself the chances you wanted to.
KEVIN NA: My goal was to 2-putt on 15, 16 I made birdie, did that, 17, 18, I just wanted to give it a shot and give myself a chance for birdie. 17, I hit a perfect putt. Again, just not hard enough.

Q. When that ball was in the air, I know you was nervous?
KEVIN NA: I hit it, and I hit it so good, I said, just be good, get over there and I flew the bunker by two feet. Didn't think it was going to get that close. I had a great shot, a great putt. The only thing I didn't do right was the tee shot on 18. You can't blame yourself on that putt on 18. I hit a good putt. The thing is it was the tee shot. I can't blame myself for the putt.

Q. 9-under par, you did what you wanted to do, you gave yourself an opportunity, just keep knocking on that door, that's all you have to do, right?
KEVIN NA: I'm going to break that door down one of these weeks. I've got metal, going to leave a mark, too.

Q. Talk about the lie on 18 there.
KEVIN NA: I had nothing. I mean, that lie, if it was 120 yards to carry the water, I might have even laid up, because as wet as it is, this rough is very thick, I don't think anybody could have got it out in the rough over the water. I did the right thing by laying up. I hit a great third shot.
Unfortunately my putt came up short. Honestly, looking at it now, I don't think par would have been good enough to win. I needed a birdie.

Q. Good week, though, talk about the momentum you'll carry out of this week?
KEVIN NA: You know, I'm taking next week off and I'm playing the Masters. So a lot of positive things heading towards the Masters, seems my game is peaking at the right time for the majors, so, I can't wait.

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