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March 29, 2010

Retief Goosen


Q. 8-under par in the clubhouse, you have to feel pretty good about that.
RETIEF GOOSEN: I am, but also, you know, it's going to be short. I think probably 10-under I think is a winning score. Yeah, I'm happy with the day and the round. You know, the wind switched on me a little bit on 18. I had the right club on hand and I felt like it was coming into me and took one extra one and went over the back.
Lucky I had a good lie in a bunker there. It was one of those that if you land just in the right spot, it can make it all the way down into the hole. I think with the greens this morning being just a little bit damp, it didn't roll out as much but it looked good at one stage. But I'm happy with the week and it's nice to keep on playing consistent.
I need to put four good rounds together, and Saturday was my bad round, and I shot 1-over. So just that one round keeps me away from oning.

Q. Still a good week overall. What can these guys expect with you on 18, you hit a good drive; was there even a hint of maybe a little bit of mud that your ball could have picked up?
RETIEF GOOSEN: No. I was surprised how dry the fairway is. With 18 the way the wind is blowing now, you're pitching on a downslope just over that ridge, so you're not going to pick up any mud on that downslope, maybe yesterday, we were flying it all the way into the flat area, you could have -- no, no mud to be talked about. 16 apparently is the fairway that is the worst but 18 looks good.

Q. You said the course is pretty dry out there?
RETIEF GOOSEN: 18 was very dry.

Q. You just came out and played one hole, but another good finish for you in 2010?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, it's nice to have another good week. One bad round obviously cost me the tournament, but very happy, yeah. It would have been nice to make three on the last, but you'll take a four on 18 any day.

Q. Preparing very well for Augusta National and the past two weeks have been great weeks for you, do you feel like your game is rounding into form as the major season comes along?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, I feel like I'm putting well, which at Augusta you need to putt well and you need to hit your ball, well, around Augusta, too, now. Yeah, I need to find just maybe a little bit more consistency. Like I say, you need to play well for four days. But I'm looking forward to Augusta, yeah. I've done well there in the past and I know the course pretty good.

Q. The belly putter seems to be working well for you this week. I talked to you at AT&T and you said you like to go to it early in the season to get your stroke down; do you feel like now you'll continue with it for a while?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, I'm definitely putting well, but I wouldn't say I'm going to let go of it at the moment. I'm making a lot of clutch putts, and that's what you need to do. Like I say, I can't complain about the putting. I need to maybe just get my iron play in order.

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