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March 27, 2010

Kevin Streelman


Q. The finish on 18, the lie in that bunker was rough?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, the bunkers, the lips have a lot of sands in them. 17 was close to the same thing for me, again, a plugger there. But that's all right. I played well today and got myself back in position to at least make a move tomorrow.

Q. What can your round tell us about what the leaders are going to face when they come around the back side today?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Well, there are some good pins out there today. The wind is starting to pick up, definitely a little more at the end of our round. It kept moving on us a little bit. It was northeast and had a little south in it and back to the northeast. It was tough to really judge. So those last couple of shots coming down the stretch will be a good test come the end of the afternoon.

Q. Jim Furyk talked about how the greens were a little soft this morning and with the fog, etc. Did you find out they were drying out as the day went on?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Sure, they are definitely firming up as the day goes on and the tournament goes on. I'm sure they are not watering them much at night.

Q. Can you talk about -- I was talking with Rod Pampling who was saying how hard the pin positions were on the back nine; did you find them hard or just normal?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, I mean, I guess there's some four or five steps from the sides and you can't necessarily get at every pin out there, that's for sure. I tell what you, wait till tomorrow's pins, some really good ones we looked at for tomorrow. It will be a good test.

Q. Any standouts?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Tomorrow? 18 is obviously always there. 17 is going to be really firm over that bunker. That's going to be a tough one to hold the green on.
16 being a par 5, you can play it out to the right and hopefully get a 2-putt. The really good one is 14, the par 3, in that lower right corner, that nook over there. You miss it right at all and it goes all the way down that run out, you miss it left and it kicks left. So it's going to be almost impossible inside 20 feet tomorrow.

Q. I know you ended in a disappointing way but overall, can you talk about your round? You're playing pretty well today.
KEVIN STREELMAN: The front nine was almost perfect. Four birdies, no bogeys. Kept it in the fairways and hit to the fat part of the greens and made good putts, birdied both par 5s, did the things you're supposed to. Didn't make any mistakes on the back. Made two bogeys coming in, but at the same time, they are very difficult golf holes.
Second shot into 16, had about five feet for eagle and misread the putt. Hit a good putt and missed the stop edge, so a kick-in birdie there. Besides that, very happy with the way I played.

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