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March 25, 2010

Venus Williams


V. WILLIAMS/S. Cirstea
6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Tell us about the new outfit.
VENUS WILLIAMS: New outfit definitely inspired by tie dye. I brought back another tie dye. The motif is really about sporty sexy, and kind of that whole attitude of bringing that to my game.
The color, I usually don't wear red. This is kind of new for me.
Just really having fun with the design and making it really different and borrowing a lot of aspect from ready-to-wear to sportswear with the whole corset and then the flounce on the bottom.
And then at the same time making it work, so it's a fun process.

Q. Are we going a few - I'm not good on fashion - but are we going back a few decades with that look a little bit? Are you drawing some from --
VENUS WILLIAMS: From Ted Tinling or something?

Q. Yeah, or even before that. I'm not necessarily talking about tennis even.
VENUS WILLIAMS: No, I don't think so, because, I mean, I haven't really seen so many corset designs on the court before.
So this could be very new and -- there were just a lot of different inspirations for the dress that all came into one. Fun, fun, fun.

Q. It looks western to me.

Q. Like western, like wild west. Old western.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Like Can-Can. Because of the flounce. It gives it so much movement, and it really makes it interesting and lively. Really using a lot of fashion terms. The dress is just lot of fun. It's supposed to be sexy and fun.

Q. Do you have other colors for this tournament, or red all the way through?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, there is a dress that has been remixed.

Q. A remix?
VENUS WILLIAMS: There is a remix dress coming. Yeah, a lot of --

Q. Stay tuned.
VENUS WILLIAMS: -- coverage earlier this year. But I was kind of excited about wearing the new one. I didn't bring the remix back. It will be back, though.

Q. How did you feel out there tonight?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I felt good. You know, just haven't played in a few weeks. Just took a few games to kind of get some rhythm going and kind of really getting energy flowing.
She played extremely aggressive. When her shots were landing in, it was really good stuff.
But, you know, I think just toward the end my game got better and better, and I was happy with it.

Q. When you're a little rusty, is the serve a part of that?
VENUS WILLIAMS: My serve is always a huge part of my game every day.

Q. But I mean, did you feel a little rust there more than...
VENUS WILLIAMS: No, I didn't feel my serve was a very rusty. Little bit just kind of off the ground. Just kind of putting the points together and just kind of thing.
Getting that intensity just from kind of being off and getting the intensity where every point is you're really forcing the issue.

Q. Did you have a wrap around your --
VENUS WILLIAMS: I did indeed. I looked solid out there, so presumably I was okay.

Q. What was it like here when you were winning all the time? Three years you played here, I don't know, 20-some matches in a row. What was that like?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Right. Awesome. And you know, I haven't had that -- a win here in a while, and I'll try to make that happen this year.
But of course when you're winning here it's always great.

Q. You have tomorrow off?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Tomorrow off, and I'm back on Saturday.

Q. You planning to do anything tomorrow, or just rest?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Just rest, train, eat, sleep, hang out with my dog.

Q. Does the dog travel with you?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Oh, yeah. He has his bag. He travels.

Q. You're a Heat fan, aren't you?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I'm a Heat fan, for sure.

Q. Have you heard about Roddick taking on D-Wade here on in HORSE Saturday?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Thank God it's him and not me. I cannot shoot to save my life, literally, so better him than me. Hopefully he can -- I'll have to take on one of the Dolphins for something.

Q. They're gonna play a little tennis, too, I guess.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Oh, really? That will be fun.

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