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March 20, 2010

Jackson Emery

Jimmer Fredette

Dave Rose


Kansas State – 84
BYU - 72

THE MODERATOR: Now up in the interview room, Brigham Young University, Coach Rose and Jimmer Fredette and Jackson Emery.
COACH ROSE: Well, first of all, I'd like to congratulate Coach Martin and Kansas State for, you know, a great win and being able to move on. They have a terrific team. I wish them the best of luck.
And, you know, tonight I was proud of our players, how hard we battled. They were really, really good defensively, which caused us to kind of hurry up a little bit and turn the ball over and not shoot the ball as well as we normally do, but all the credit goes to Kansas State for how well they played, and I just wish them the best.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Coach. Questions for the BYU student-athletes.

Q. Jimmer, can you talk about your emotions right now, the disappointment balanced with the fact that you had the winningest season in program history?
JIMMER FREDETTE: Yes, it's definitely disappointing. But like you said, we had a great season. We were able to get past the 1st Round finally and, you know, we ran into a really good team tonight, and they just played a little bit better than we did. And all the credit to them, and we wish them the best of luck for the rest of the season.

Q. You had some words with teammates in the locker room. Was that "goodbye" or a "good job" or what kind of thing was that?
JIMMER FREDETTE: Just a "good job, great playing with you this season." I will love all the guys on our team there. They're unbelievable guys. They're great to be around.
We had a great season and, you know, I wouldn't trade it for the world and, you know, we're just going to move forward and congratulating every one of them for the great season.

Q. You say move forward, Jimmer. Any thoughts right now about your personal basketball future?
JIMMER FREDETTE: No, not really. I'm not thinking about it at all right now. Just, you know, just came off a tough loss. Really I'm not thinking about it, and, you know, we'll deal with it later.

Q. Jimmer, could you just talk about your night tonight? Looked like you got smacked in the head a couple different times and going up against Pullen most of the night.
JIMMER FREDETTE: They're an aggressive team defensively. We knew they were going to get up in us, and they started double-teaming me even in the backcourt. And as soon as I got over half court, I was just trying to get it up to the teammates and trying to have them be aggressive as well.
And, you know, they did a good job, were aggressive, and sometimes that happens. And they had a good game plan and executed it pretty well and played good defense.

Q. Jackson, you guys got off to a ten to nothing lead. What did K-State do to get back in the ballgame and maybe stop what you guys had working?
JACKSON EMERY: I thought we did a terrific job coming out and being really aggressive, and then they turned it up a notch and put a lot of pressure on us, and it wasn't pressure that we hadn't seen before.
We've seen it through other teams such as UNLV. It took us a little while to respond to their pressure and to just counter that, and by the time we did that, we were already in a hole.
THE MODERATOR: More questions for BYU student-athletes?

Q. Jackson, I was wondering if you can kind of talk about playing with this year with a guy like Jimmer?
JACKSON EMERY: Jimmer is such a talented guy, you know. Lot of guys that have the talent that Jimmer has, they can let it get to their head and think about themselves and about their personal future. But Jimmer always had us as his top priority and winning and just, you know, helping the team do whatever we need to do to advance and whatever tournament or whatever -- or towards any goal that we wanted to achieve. And, you know, Jimmer is a great guy and a great player and, you know, it's great playing with him. And being off the court is even better, just being one of his, you know, good friends and just knowing that, you know, he loves us, and that's the most important thing at the end of the day.
THE MODERATOR: Any final questions for BYU student-athletes? Thank you. We're open now for questions for Coach Rose.

Q. Dave, your zone has been effective as a great change-up tool many times this season. Can you describe your use of the zone, what you try to get out of it, what you try to protect, and then kind of what they did to it today with a great effort by Pullen?
COACH ROSE: Well, we changed it up quite a bit. Changed our defenses a lot because we thought we could maybe disrupt them a little bit. Those two guards are a handful. They're really good. I don't know if there's a better tandem of guards in the country, especially how they played tonight.
What we wanted to do, we knew we would have a difficult time rebounding with them because of how physical they are and how many front line post players they have and they just run them in and out. So we wanted to get the ball out of the post and then get to their shooters.
And we started off really well and got them to miss a few shots and rebounded the ball and got -- able to get out on attack. But they kind of wore us down. Their depth was a real factor in the game and then how physical they were. But those two guards, they had to make plays and they did. And then later in the game, we tried to double-team them, get the ball out of their hands, and they just seemed to be up to the task and made plays for themselves and for their teammates.

Q. Dave, how important was it for your program to get that first win and to have this Second Round experience to help your program move forward?
COACH ROSE: I believe in the five years that we've been doing this together with our staff, that our team has gotten better every year, and we're to a point now where I think our players really believe. We -- it was the first year we got into the nationals polls and stayed there for quite awhile. We're in there for ten, 11 weeks in a row. Those are great steps that you can kind of build on.
And then coming here and winning the First Round game after not having a lot of success in the First Round, what it does is I think it allows you to -- helps your recruiting, but when you're players come in, they all come in with a little higher expectation. And I think that's a good thing, and so we'll just continue to, you know, plug away and try to get better and better.
And this was a special year, special year for me to be able to coach these guys, and I'm really, really proud of them.

Q. Coach, with everything that's happened this year, I know it's been a year like no other going back to last summer, how are you going to look back on the 2009, 2010 season?
COACH ROSE: I told the team it's a special group, and I just wanted to thank each one of them for the effort they put into the team and for making my life this season for me and my family as special as it could be, and I hope we have a lot more years like that because this was a really good year. I hope I have a better spring this next spring than I had last spring.

Q. Dave, with this game, how much did the foul trouble impact what you were trying to do defensively against specifically their guards?
COACH ROSE: It's difficult when the majority of your substitutions in a game are based on foul trouble instead of strategic substitutions or sometimes even fatigue. But I really thought our players -- they just fought hard.
Noah Hartsock played as hard as I've seen him play all year long, and he had eight rebounds and he was battling big, strong, physical guys and guys who came off the bench, did a great job. Mike Loyd and Charles and Brandon Davies, those are guys that -- I just thought we played really, really hard, and they're a good team. We needed to play a little bit better, but there's no part of me that faults their effort. We just needed to play a little better to win tonight.
THE MODERATOR: Do we have more questions?

Q. Coach, with Jimmer's decision coming up, any advice you're going to give to him?
COACH ROSE: We'll do what's best for him and his future. I think he's a great player, but there's a lot of things you need to check into and make sure that he's -- finds out exactly how the things kind of settle out there and have him make the best decision for him.
And it's a process we've been through kind the last three, four summers with a lot of players, because we have good players and they've been really successful. So we'll just wait and see how that plays out.

Q. Dave, they did a great job defending Jimmer and extending their defense, but really early you could tell that they were going to allow a little bit of contact and hand checking. Did that affect -- he seemed to be affected by it and he was a little frustrated by it. Did that affect this game early at a certain point?
COACH ROSE: I thought that they did a great job of adjusting to our start. We did a really good job of getting the ball out and racing up the floor, getting good looks, and then what they started to do was to attack us with the second defender and it was Jimmer. And what we needed to have happen at that time was when Jimmer got the ball out of that trap, that we needed to be more efficient in how we attacked that.
And we got in a little lull there where we didn't score or for awhile. They caught us, and that gave them a lot of confidence and they started making shots and, you know, turned in to quite a back-and-forth game.
You know, there comes a time where other teams, you know, are going to be really physical with you and you just have to have players make plays and, you know, their players made more plays than we did.
THE MODERATOR: Do we have a last question for Coach Rose? Thank you, Coach.
COACH ROSE: All right. Thank you.

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