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March 20, 2010

Kveta Peschke

Katarina Srebotnik


6-4, 2-6, 10-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations on a good win.
KVETA PESCHKE: Thank you very much. Thank you.

Q. How does it feel today? How were your games?
KVETA PESCHKE: I think we are very happy, and couldn't work better for us, these two weeks. I mean, we enjoyed it here so much, and it's such a great place to be.
Even put the win on the top of it all, it's great feeling.

Q. Katarina?
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: Yeah, we did not start so well. I mean, our opponents started pretty strong, you know. But I'm really happy how we found a way, you know, to somehow get the first set and then to win that tiebreak.
So on the crucial points we played really well. And, yeah, I'm really, really pleased with today.

Q. This is only your fifth tournament together, but you guys have won. How do you think you're each complementing the other's game?
KVETA PESCHKE: Well, I think before we stick together, actually, the other years we both played pretty good in doubles with different partners.
Our knowledge of doubles I think it's pretty good, and so we put it somehow together. We're still working on some things, because how you said, it's just the third tournament.
There are still some things we can do better. I mean, obviously everybody can. It works really well, and we enjoy play with each other. I mean, it's really nice.

Q. How did you finally team up with each other?
KVETA PESCHKE: Well, I've been injured for the half -- last half year in last year, so I didn't have a partner. My old partner, Lisa Raymond, she has to somehow get for the half year somebody else, and so we split.
Katarina, she came back from an injury and didn't really have somebody. Yeah, we knew that, so we text each other.
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: It was the same -- about the same time we got injured. She got injured a little bit later after French Open last year. I pretty much was out the whole season for 10 months, and I didn't have a partner, as well.
So it work out good. It was just good timing. We return to competition the same time, and we said, Let's try and like create a set. We like each other company's, how you say, on the court. It's good chemistry. And of course we were good doubles player.
KVETA PESCHKE: And the chemistry sometimes is most important one. You have to have fun with your partner. You have to stick together, no matter what.
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: It's teamwork, so...

Q. Seems like the chemistry has come together pretty quickly for you guys to feel comfortable with each other.
KVETA PESCHKE: I think we are both easy, so that's not a big issue.
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: Yeah, so it's good.

Q. There has been two deserts: Dubai and now Indian Wells. What was the difference? One, you went to the finals. This one here you were in the finals and won.
KVETA PESCHKE: Well, Dubai was -- yeah, I mean, we played good in the finals, as well. We lost it I think 7-6, 6-4. Maybe if it came to match tiebreak maybe we could win this one, as well.
KVETA PESCHKE: So far we have I think like --
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: -- like six in a row super-tiebreaks in a row. We didn't even lose one.
KVETA PESCHKE: Yeah, we're not that bad in super-tiebreaks the last times.
Actually, I normally like to play more indoors, so I'm really pleased. And I've been twice now so far in those tournaments, so I really appreciate it. Yeah, looking forward, try the same in Miami.

Q. Why do you think you do so good in those third sets?
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: Well, I mean, super-tiebreak is always a little bit of lottery. It can go both ways, you know. If you don't pay attention it can slip to anything, you know.
So so far we've been very fortunate, you know. Of course we take -- we know that it's not gonna always, you know, go our way. You know, sometimes you win; sometimes you lose.
The most important thing is we do really well at the crucial points. We play great, and, you know, it's not all about luck. You know, right now, I mean, to win six in a row, it's not just luck, you know.
But sometimes, yeah. You need to be lucky, as well.

Q. Any plans to celebrate tonight?
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: Well, I mean, probably not so much --
KVETA PESCHKE: I do; she don't. (Laughing.)
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: I don't, because I have to go to LA tonight. I have a flight tomorrow morning from LA, and I play on Tuesday probably singles in Miami already, and it's like three-hour time difference, so...
But I'm happy to be so late here. It's a very good problem to have. I will just enjoy Miami and of course try to enjoy this win, as well.

Q. Get some drinks on the plane.
KATARINA SREBOTNIK: Yes, why not? Why not?

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