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March 20, 2010

Ivan Aska

B.J. Jenkins

Bill Kennedy

Isacc Miles


Butler – 54
Murray State - 52

ROGER ROSS: We have Murray State coming to the table. We have Coach Bill Kennedy and student athletes B.J. Jenkins, Isacc Miles and Ivan Aska.
We will let Coach begin with a statement and then open up questions for the student athletes.
COACH KENNEDY: First of all you got to give Butler a lot of credit, their program and their team. They don't beat themselves and they only had 6 turnovers.
They took care of the ball, made the plays they had to at the end, and, you know, I thought our guys fought hard. We just didn't take advantage of some of the opportunities we had at the free-throw line, too many turnovers against a very good Butler team.

Q. Guys, tell me your view of what happened at the end of the game and you guys have had wild emotional swings the last 72 hours, your view of what happened?
ISACC MILES: I had the ball in my hands. Coach put it in my hands to make a play, try to drive to the basket find the open person, shouldn't have left my feet. Luckily we got the ball back. 4 seconds left and they just made a good play collapsing, great defense and couldn't get a shot up.
IVAN ASKA: After what you guys did in the first game was there a feeling of confidence we're going to do this again comin' out of that last time-out?
B.J. JENKINS: We came out with the mindset of winning, but like Coach said we couldn't get it done tonight. Had too many turnovers, didn't make a couple of shots, that's the way it goes sometimes.
ROGER ROSS: Thank you, gentlemen. We'll excuse the student athletes. Questions for Coach?

Q. Billy, on that last pass attempt where was Isaiah trying to go?
COACH KENNEDY: You know, we only had one time-out left that I chose to use it to hope the kid would miss the free-throw which he did, and we wanted to get four perimeter guys in the game, and ended up with the ball in his hands. To his credit he looked at the clock and didn't panic, but they did a good job of having really two guys on him, and we didn't have any timeouts left. He's a freshman. We're not even in the game unless he's playin' like he's capable of playing. He brought us back into the game, and he just lost the ball.
ROGER ROSS: Coach, thank you for your time. We appreciate it.

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