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March 19, 2010

Terrance Calvin

George Ivory

Tavaris Washington


Duke – 73
Arkansas-Pine Bluff - 44

THE MODERATOR: Coach, if you could give us an opening statement about the game and then we'll take some questions for your players and then you last.
COACH IVORY: I'd say first of all, we just had a bad night tonight, and Duke played an exceptional game. Like I said, I'm very proud of what our guys have accomplished this year, and we're just going to get back to the drawing board and start working for next year.

Q. Terrance, you guys haven't been shooting the ball exceptionally well the last week or so, but you've been getting by with defense. Did you think you'd have to continue to play defense but also shoot the ball better than you had been?
TERRANCE CALVIN: Tonight our defense hasn't been as good as it has been as of late, but we definitely didn't shoot the ball well enough to win the game. Our shooting, 37 percent from the field in the first half, so that wasn't good enough to play against Duke.

Q. First half you guys had the same amount of shots attempted as Duke did. Did their size and their length affect some of the shots? I noticed a couple of your shots were short and you rushed a few. How did their defense and their size affect your shots?
TERRANCE CALVIN: Well, they're a big team, so it kind of altered a lot of our shots, but that goes back to focus. I think if we would have focused more on what we were doing, we probably would have knocked those shots done. It was more on us than it was on Duke.

Q. In the first half Duke's defense was very aggressive and forced a lot of turnovers. What was your reaction in that first half after that flurry of turnovers to start the game?
TAVARIS WASHINGTON: We had to slow the ball down so we could get into offense and execute more and the defense needed to find back door cuts and stuff like that. We didn't execute like we were supposed to, which led to a lot of turnovers.

Q. Guys, you've had a great week playing three games, winning the SWAC championship, now playing today. I know you haven't had a chance to think about that, but what are your emotions right now over this last six, eight, ten days?
TAVARIS WASHINGTON: Winning the SWAC championship, we're really happy about that and winning the play-in game felt even better. Making it to the NCAA tournament. Now right now about the loss, overall we're just happy about the week and things that we've accomplished.
TERRANCE CALVIN: Basically I have a lot of mixed emotions. I'm happy about everything we've accomplished this year, but right now we'd like to keep playing, to stay here the rest of the week -- well, the rest of the tournament. I can't really explain exactly how I feel, so I'm just in awe right now.

Q. It looked like Singler kind of gave you guys the most problems. Kind of talk about the challenges of guarding him. I know you got into a couple fouls early. What were the challenges he gave to you guys?
TAVARIS WASHINGTON: We were trying to play him aggressive. The ref called -- I guess he saw a lot of fouling out there, so he went to the free-throw line more than we thought he would, and just free throws had a big thing in it because we didn't shoot that many free throws or get to the free-throw line as much. Him, he's a very big presence and very physical and we couldn't match his intensity, so it led to him having a very good game.
THE MODERATOR: Guys, thank you, appreciate it. We'll go to questions for coach.

Q. What did you think of the team's aggressiveness in the first and second half, and what did you say to them at halftime?
COACH IVORY: Well, we just talked about we had to be aggressive, too, because the officials, they weren't letting them play aggressive -- very aggressive on one end. I really can't say a lot about it, but 28 free throws and one team shoots 7, that's a big difference.

Q. Similar question as I asked your guys. To you what is the significance of this week and the history and the precedent that you guys have set, how does it affect your program now?
COACH IVORY: I think it's going to help our program a whole lot because if you look at it, we've accomplished some things this year that we haven't accomplished in years, and to make it this far, we're just happy to be here. The guys have worked so hard this year, and I'm so proud of what they have accomplished this year. We've just got to keep working and get a little bit better and get stronger in the weight room.

Q. First, when did you know that you were going to be without Tyree, and then playing against a team with so much size, how much did that kind of set you back without him out there?
COACH IVORY: Well, it hurt us a lot not having Tyree Glass, a 6'7", athletic guy out there. He's a pretty strong man. And with Duke, they're so big. I don't know, they're very athletic, especially Singler is more athletic than he looks on tape. He's a great basketball player, and he does so many great things for Duke. So we missed Tyree. We knew Tyree wasn't going to play right after tipoff. The doctor told me not to play him.

Q. Before that he told you not to start him? You didn't start him before that. Did he say --
COACH IVORY: We were waiting to hear from the doctor. He was checking him out, and when he checked him out, he advised us not to play him.

Q. After a season like this, what's next? What expectations do you have next?
COACH IVORY: Well, you know, our goal every year is to win the SWAC championship. That's our goal, and we'll get back in and start recruiting. We won't stop right now. We'll get back and start recruiting and start preparing for our off-season workouts.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the opening five, ten minutes of the game and Duke's opening flurry? It seemed like in those first minutes of the game you guys were a little bit caught on your heels. What was your first reaction to the opening minutes of the game?
COACH IVORY: It was tough because we've played tough competition before, and you know, I just think that the guys kind of got a little nervous at the first beginning of the game. Again, this is a different environment, everything at stake, knowing after this game you have nothing else to play for, and sometimes you try not -- you play not to lose, and I think they played that early in the game, just not to make mistakes.

Q. Kind of along the same lines, do you think the way you opened the second half was a little more positive than the way you did the first? Being able to knock down some shots didn't necessarily cut the lead, but you were able to hit some shots the second half.
COACH IVORY: We always seem to be a second half team for some reason. We've been that type of team this whole year, we'll be down and come back and fight our way back into the ballgame.

Q. You talked a lot about the schedule this week, the schedule you played, and you thought that prepared you for a game like this. Is it easy to say this is the best team you've played this year, better than all those teams and just a tougher match-up all around?
COACH IVORY: I wouldn't say that. We've played a lot of tough teams this year. You just can't pick one or two out and say that Duke is better because Georgia Tech has beat Duke, and they beat us 15, and K State beat us 14, and we was on their site. When you play a game and you don't get but seven free throws, that's tough.
THE MODERATOR: Coach, thank you very much.

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