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March 19, 2010

Mike Krzyzewski

Jon Scheyer

Kyle Singler


Duke – 73
Arkansas-Pine Bluff - 44

THE MODERATOR: Coach, congratulations. Let's get an opening comment about the game and then we'll take questions for the players and then questions for you.
COACH KRZYZEWSKI: Well, I thought it was more of a workmanlike performance by our team. George's team is going to play hard for 40 minutes, and they played, for us, a little bit unconventional because they're spreading you, they have different zones and stuff like that, trapping.
And overall I thought our guys handled it well, and our defense was excellent. You know, we're more talented than they are, but I thought we played as hard and we played very well. So happy with my team and happy to be moving on.

Q. Kyle, can you talk about the team's ability to get to the foul line, particularly early in the game? You guys had 20 foul shots by halftime. Talk about the key to getting that type of number.
KYLE SINGLER: Well, I mean, we just want to be aggressive throughout the whole game. One of the keys to the game for us was just attack, attack their defense, and with that, you know, I thought we -- just like you said, got to the line, and I thought we shot the ball from the free throw pretty well.

Q. Jon, can you talk about the pressure now, at least being off as far as the 16 versus the 1 and it never happening and you guys obviously came out tonight and showed a lot of fire, but can you talk about at least not having to worry about that anymore?
JON SCHEYER: Yeah, you know, for us we never -- that didn't really cross our minds where we were worried about something happening to us, the 1-16 type thing. It was just about us being in this tournament and wanting to get a win and start off right.

Q. Jon, could you talk about defensively what went well for you guys? They shot 6 for 24 in the first half and it looked like pretty much everything you tried to do defensively worked fairly well?
JON SCHEYER: Yeah, I thought that was the key in the first half to set a tone. We really just wanted to keep them in front because they spread you a lot, and we wanted to play great team defense. We didn't want to leave someone out there just playing one-on-one against them because that's how they can be successful. So for us, I thought we did a good job of helping each other out and then getting the rebound.

Q. Jon, I haven't seen a final box score, but it seemed like you shot pretty well today. After the way you shot in the ACC tournament up until that last shot, did you feel like you were kind of getting your rhythm back a little bit tonight?
JON SCHEYER: Yeah, I didn't shoot the ball particularly well in the ACC tournament, but I worked hard the last couple days and I felt confident. For me it's just about getting to go warm up and having confidence. I felt good, though.

Q. Jon, Lance seemed to have one of his best offensive games of the year. Were you making a concerted effort to get him the ball and get him in the post against an undersized team?
JON SCHEYER: Yeah, one of the advantages we have, we definitely have a size advantage, especially inside. I thought Lance did a good job of just being poised. He had some really good moves inside, and that's something we really needed to go to, and I thought Lance did a great job of just being strong in there.
THE MODERATOR: All right, guys, you're released. Thank you very much.

Q. Coach, is there any significance to 30 wins? This is your 30th win tonight. Is that a special benchmark for you in any way?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI: It's nice to have. I mean, but no, I don't -- I know we've done it a number of times. I couldn't tell you how many times we've done it.

Q. Eleven.
COACH KRZYZEWSKI: 11? But that's a lot of wins, so that's a good thing. Actually the best thing is to have 31 and to move on. I guess overall when you're keeping records of that -- but like we didn't talk about 16-1 seed, we didn't talk about -- but it's a good thing for these kids to have two 30-win seasons in a row.

Q. In the second half of the game like this you can start picking up bad habits. How do you feel like your team handled that situation? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to accomplish tonight and is this good momentum now to build from here?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI: Yeah, I thought we handled both halves really well. We knew that they would be even looser in the second half because we had a 19-point lead, so you wanted to make sure you run shooters closer because there's not going to be any kind of game pressure on.
We didn't rush things. Actually I thought we kind of played offense a little bit better in the second half, like Kyle looked for his shot instead of trying to look for something in between. In the first half the way they were playing, our big guy -- we got it inside a lot, and we got fouled. So that was a good thing, a good thing for us.
In the second half I thought we kind of spread it around a little bit more. But overall I thought we respected the game, every play, and it's good to move on. It wasn't a sloppy game.

Q. You touched on this a little bit, but can you talk about the aggressiveness that the team showed early to get to the line, and were you pleased with the aggressiveness that they showed?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI: Yeah, because they were trapping, so they put you in two on one and three on two situations, and then as a result, if you're taking it to the basket or our big guys were very active, like Lance had 12, Brian had seven and Miles had six, but they got fouled. They got fouled. Usually our perimeter gets fouled to put the team into the one and one. Tonight the big guys got fouled a number of times.

Q. Brian and Lance were very active inside, as you said. Can you assess the double performance they had? It was one of their better ones.
COACH KRZYZEWSKI: Yeah, they've been playing well. Again, it's -- Brian is guarding their second best three-point shooter, Weathers. I mean, he's a very good shooter, and so he had to really move his feet all over the court.
And then Lance was either guarding a big guy or a little guard, and he showed that he was moving his feet.
Miles is really playing well, though. I mean, Miles -- I thought Miles played extremely well, and he and Mason got a number of rebounds above the rim, which is -- that's kind of nice to see.

Q. Even though it didn't really show up in the score book, Andre seemed to play a lot more confident today. What was your reaction to his play?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI: Well, he had, I think, three charges. I think part of that had to do -- one, he wanted to be aggressive, which is a good thing; two, it wasn't a conventional way to be aggressive, because there were people in the paint there, and I didn't think he looked for his shot.
But the fact that he's aggressive and just to get the experience of being in the first NCAA game is huge, and he's been playing really well. So hopefully on Sunday he'll not commit five fouls and look for his shot a little bit more.
THE MODERATOR: Coach, thank you.
COACH KRZYZEWSKI: All right, thank you all.

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