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March 19, 2010

Steve Stricker


Q. A 66 today, and I know that David Toms had an 8-under earlier; did you know there was scoring out there, and how did that affect the start of your round?
STEVE STRICKER: I didn't see David's score until the last hole here. I knew the scores were decent, a little bit better today. The wind was down a little bit. I just tried to come out and be patient early on, and make-a-birdie-before-making-a-bogey-type thing and get off to a good start, and fortunately I did.

Q. Some highlights from your round, No. 7, the birdie putt, talk us through it.
STEVE STRICKER: I was just off the back of the green and just trying to get this one close. Sometimes those are the ones you make.
You know, I putted really well today. At No. 9, a pretty big breaker from right-to-left and made that one, and then at 11, actually for eagle. I hit a driver and a 3-wood, just trying to cozy it up and walk away with a four.

Q. We talked at the Northern Trust Open, you said that that was a place where you had had a couple of late bogeys in 2009, and you felt there was motivation there. This is a place where you had a similar run, a couple of late bogeys and you didn't win. Do you have that same motivation coming this week?
STEVE STRICKER: Well, I did think about those late two bogeys from last year. I don't know if it's coincidence or what, but you know, I've got a good shot for the weekend. I'm in good position. And today was a key round to get back in the tournament, and it looks like I'll be a couple back heading into the weekend and I'll be in a good spot.

Q. 6-under for the tournament, kind of a tale of two nines, 32 on the front side, an early birdie on the back and you had to fight your way through the last few holes.
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, the last finishing holes are tough finishing holes around here. I hit some good shots and gave myself a couple birdie putts there and kind of limped in a couple of putts. I didn't really hit too many good putts coming in, but hit the ball a lot better today which is exciting for me and got myself back into the tournament.

Q. The last 3-putts you hit, looked like you had the line, but not enough oomph.
STEVE STRICKER: They weren't good efforts; you know, playing a little cautiously at times. It's difficult out there. You get on the wrong side -- I have a 10-footer at 18 above the hole and I'm just trying to lag it down there, and that's the type of thing you face here when you get on the wrong side of the hole.

Q. Talk about this leaderboard: Padraig on top at 8-under, you're a couple of shots back. Your thoughts as you go into the weekend?
STEVE STRICKER: I'm just glad I put up a good score today to have a chance this weekend, and that was important to do today. I'm excited, I'm really excited the way I hit it coming in, and all day, really, I hit the ball well. Drove the ball well again. I'm in a good spot, and there's a lot of golf left.

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