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March 12, 2010

Gisela Dulko


G. DULKO/J. Henin
6-2, 1-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Was this a different Henin at all, could you tell, than the one who played before her retirement? Was she less intimidating? Was it any different for you?
GISELA DULKO: Well, yes, I think so. You know, I was a different player today than the last time we play, you know.
I think I came out on the court, you know, trying to win the match since the first point, you know. Maybe last time I was a little bit more looking how she was playing and looking more at her than looking at me, so I think that was a big difference today.

Q. How did you mentally approach that last game, because you had the lead? She came back and you had to step up and finish the match. What was going through your mind at that time?
GISELA DULKO: It was tough. I was a little bit nerves from 5-2 to 5-4, you know. I think maybe it was the last chance for me to win the match, you know, with my serve and 5-4-up.
So I tried to focus really well the last game, put my first serves in, and I was starting with double faults. So I tried to focus on that, put first serves, and just play solid and play the same way I was playing the match. It's good it worked at the end.

Q. You won that last game at love. Was that very satisfying to you?
GISELA DULKO: For sure it was. I didn't suffer as much, you know. You know, last point was very good.
I think she -- after -- before that she did a few mistakes, and that helped me. I was really solid in that game. I didn't miss the ball.
So that was my main goal, you know, to play aggressive and try and not miss. Well, it worked.

Q. You've had huge wins, obviously beating Sharapova and Ivanovic. How does this win compare for you to the other wins you've had?
GISELA DULKO: Well, every win is special, you know, but today was really -- I was really emotional out there. I couldn't believe at the beginning I actually won the match, you know.
I really like Justine, how she plays tennis. I think she's a great champion. I mean, I think it's my favorite player on the tour now is her, you know. So it was -- it was big for me tonight. So I'm really happy.

Q. You noted that she is a great champion, but did you find that her game has regressed since she took the time off before coming back?
GISELA DULKO: Well, I don't think so. She did a final in Australian Open, and she was -- she's playing, I mean, unbelievable tennis. It wasn't so tough for her to come back, you know, to the great level, so, no, I don't think so.
I think she plays good. Maybe today she had a few mistakes there and there, but I think I played a great match, and I don't think her level now is less than before.

Q. Seems like you've flattened out your forehand a little more and play a little more, you know, aggressive, offensive. How do you feel your game has evolved over the last few years and changed and improved?
GISELA DULKO: Um, yeah, I feel more confident for sure with my tennis. Today was a very, very good match, but I think the key was that I believe I could win the match from the beginning, and I think I showed that.
I was really, really ready mentally to be out there. But I feel, you know, for sure this match give me confidence now. It was the first match for me of the tournament, and I don't want to -- I mean, to forget this match and keep playing good tennis. You know, I'm in third round, and I want to go forward.
So this was one really special match because it was Justine, but, you know, now I'm focused for the next one.

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