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March 12, 2010

Lazar Hayward

Buzz Williams


Georgetown – 80
Marquette - 57

THE MODERATOR: Coach Buzz Williams, Lazar Hayward and Jimmy Butler.
COACH BUZZ WILLIAMS: I thought Georgetown was outstanding. They absolutely annihilated us. Annihilated us inside. Got beat by 20 on the boards. It's hard to beat a team when you score 50, 60% of your points in the paint. I thought they were great. I thought that every single player that played was really good, was hard for us to guard.
We were as bad as we've been all year long defensively. Didn't play with very much energy at all. Considering the stage and considering the implications of the game in and of itself. We're proud of what we've accomplished up until this point. It's way more than most people anticipated. But within having said that, disappointed in our effort and disappointed in our execution tonight.

Q. You guys were within a point with about 13-and-a-half minutes left. Things kind of spiraled out of control from there. What were you thinking as a coach at that point and how did things get so out of hand?
COACH BUZZ WILLIAMS: It was 47-46 at that point, that specific timeline. I think we were down four with 10:26 to play, I think. I haven't looked at the book. And then we scored six points. We were on fire the last ten minutes of the game, we scored six points. Very few of our shots tonight were assisted shots; we had nine assists on 20 baskets. And I think that two of those assists came within the last two-and-a-half minutes of the game. Didn't think that we created for others very well.
Allowed way too many paint touches. We did not create enough paint touches. But we've never had an issue with offense. Over the last ten minutes tonight, we were awful, and they were super defensively.

Q. Coach, obviously Greg Monroe had a height advantage over your guys. But in addition to that, could you speak about what he's able to do with that length and height?
COACH BUZZ WILLIAMS: I've known Greg since he was in high school. He's a great kid. Comes from a great family. I think he's an early-entry pro. I thought we did a great job on him in our place. You asked the same-type question in post game at the Bradley Center. I thought he turned over his right shoulder every single time tonight. He used his left hand every single time tonight. We didn't play to the scouting report. And we looked really, really bad. And he looked really, really good.

Q. That was the first time I heard you talk in a long time about efforts and in a bad way with your guys, is that concerning at this point in the season?
COACH BUZZ WILLIAMS: No. We're here because of our effort. We won 22 games, we've lost 11. We won 11 games in the BIG EAST. We have a winning record again on the road in the BIG EAST. We've won seven of our last eight games decided by five points or less. And 14 of the 20 games -- 14 of the 21 games now that we've played in the BIG EAST were decided by five points or less. I think our effort maybe has been as good as any team in the country. Definitely you could match our effort against any team in the country. But I thought over the last ten minutes I thought we were bad. I thought we started the game bad. That's the first time I think I've called a time-out that early since Maryland- Eastern Shore. Because we weren't hooked up and ready to go.

Q. Jimmy, Lazar, that same point, 13:34 mark, things started spiraling out of control. What are you guys thinking on the floor at that point?
LAZAR HAYWARD: We just didn't -- we were flat. We weren't playing -- we weren't doing very well.
We talk about that all the time. We just couldn't find a point in the game to just try and turn it around. And that was because we started off very badly, and when we play great teams like that, you can't dig yourself in the hole and get out of it. Especially a team like that. Great team, great coach. Especially on the stage like this, it's hard to get out of that.
THE MODERATOR: Do we have any other questions, please? Marquette, thank you.

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