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March 11, 2010

Mark Fox

Ricky McPhee

Trey Thompkins


Georgia – 77
Arkansas - 64

THE MODERATOR: We're ready to begin with Georgia. We'll ask Coach Fox for his general thoughts on the game.
COACH FOX: We're certainly pleased with the win. It's a hard fought game. Arkansas certainly a very, very good team, and it was a hard fought game. We feel fortunate to win. I was proud of my team. And I'm sure that they'll be excited to stay in Nashville a little while longer.
THE MODERATOR: Questions for either of the two student-athletes first.

Q. Trey, just talk about how they made a run there in the ball game and you all just kind of closed it out. What did you all do to be able to close out game?
TREY THOMPKINS: We understood that Arkansas is a good team, and they're a team that is able to make runs.
We, as a team, decided we were going to play defense as hard as we can, and it paid off for us.
So when they made their run, we stuck with it, and we understood that, okay, they made their run. Now it's time for us to make ours.
THE MODERATOR: Let me ask Ricky. Would you just give your general thoughts on the game, please.
RICKY MCPHEE: We came out with a strong aggression that we wanted to be there and just wanted to win the game. Like you said, they made a run in the second half, and we were just able to get some key stops and get some good rebounds and able too finish it off.

Q. Trey, can you talk about the matchup with Vanderbilt. I know from some of the comments from some of their players, they thought it was a tough matchup for them the first two games you guys played against them.
TREY THOMPKINS: Vanderbilt is a great team. We understand we're going to have to come with every punch we have because they're going to play us hard.
Right now we're going to focus on them when we get back to the hotel as a team. We'll address that later on. But as of right now, as a team, all we know is we're going to have to come to play just as hard as we played tonight.
THE MODERATOR: We'll excuse you. And we'll continue on with questions for Coach Fox.

Q. Hey, mark, the way you guys finished what I guess was a five-point game with a few minutes left. I guess it looked like Trey and Travis made some huge plays down the stretch.
COACH FOX: You know, we walked through that very set that we ran there in our shootaround today, and we felt like, if they played three guards, that we would have an advantage with Travis on the low-block area.
And so those two kids were dialled in mentally and were able to take advantage of that.

Q. Coach Fox, you had an 8-6 rebound total in the middle and then finished with 17. How big was hitting the glass for you guys and getting second chances?
COACH FOX: Well, it was important for us. We didn't shoot the ball very well the first part of the second half. And for us to get on the glass was really critical. I think we ended up with over 15 second-chance points. We had 19 second-chance points. So that was a big part of the game.

Q. How concerned were you about the way you guys were handling the pressure at certain stretches they gave you some trouble?
COACH FOX: We had some careless turnovers. We had some November turnovers. We had some November plays. And really a mixed bag of them.
We had three or four guys that got their pockets picked or just gave them the ball. And those are careless mistakes that we should not make in March. We talked about that with our team, even after the game, and that's an area that hopefully we'll be much better with tomorrow.
THE MODERATOR: Okay. Thank you.

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