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March 11, 2010

Jackson Emery

Jimmer Fredette

Dave Rose


BYU – 95
TCU - 85

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by BYU head Coach Rose and student-athletes. We'll start with an opening comment about the game from Coach Rose.
COACH ROSE: I thought it was a very intense first-round tournament game. TCU was really well-prepared. They played hard. I was really proud of our players. I thought that we, you know, battled and made enough plays to be able to win the game.
I thought defensively it was really hard for us to kind of get them under control. They were playing on attack. It was a good thing we were able to score the ball like we did and get the win, but proud of our guys.
THE MODERATOR: At this time we'll open it up for questions for the student-athletes.

Q. Are you aware you broke the tournament single-game scoring record? What's your reaction to that?
JIMMER FREDETTE: They just told me that when I was getting interviewed after the game. It's a great accomplishment.
But I'm excited to get back out there tomorrow and put in a good effort and get ready for the next game.

Q. What was the difference for you from first half to second half?
JIMMER FREDETTE: Just being aggressive. I got to the foul line a lot, which was good. Trying to be aggressive, get to the foul line as much as I could. I knew I could make it from there. Trying to do everything I could to help this team get a win.

Q. Without wanting to put the cart before the horse, if UNLV should win, you'll get them here in this building. Talk about a potential matchup with them, why you struggled in this building against that team.
JACKSON EMERY: Uhm, I think UNLV is a terrific team. They have a terrific program. They're very hard to beat here. They have a great crowd. They play really well here.
They shoot the ball really well. We found that out last time. I'm more excited. We never back down from a challenge. We're going to be excited, whoever we play, if it's Utah or UNLV. We'll have to adjust our game plan and play harder than they.

Q. Jimmer, did that feel a lot different than the game you had at Arizona?
JIMMER FREDETTE: It felt a little different because I didn't shoot very well from the three-point line. I was only 2 for 10 or something like that. In Arizona I was shooting the ball a lot better. I was being more aggressive getting to the basket, trying to get fouls called for me, making my free throws. It was different like that.
Obviously TCU was really in the game. Arizona we put it on 'em pretty good. Just trying to go out and be aggressive as we knew they were going to fight till the end. It's one-and-done, so we had to go out and play well.

Q. You mentioned yesterday that you felt like you had some things to prove while you were down here and you were going to play like that. Is this the type of performance you had in mind?
JIMMER FREDETTE: You know, not really. I don't know. I didn't know what to expect. I was just coming out here to do the best I possibly could, go out and shoot the ball well, be aggressive. Really, I was worried about getting that first win, no matter how we did it. I don't care if we scored, had to pass all the time or whatever it was. I was just worried about getting the win, getting to the second round, proving our team, that we could win this tournament.

Q. What happened on that one free throw that you missed?
JIMMER FREDETTE: I don't know. I'm still upset about that, to be honest with you. I'll think about it tonight and try to correct that. Hopefully I'll make all of 'em next time (smiling).

Q. Jackson, you played a lot of basketball in your career. Have you seen a free throw exhibition like that before?
JACKSON EMERY: Never. I've seen Shaq get fouled a lot, but he hasn't made as many as Jimmer has.
It's great. Jimmer is a terrific free throw shooter. It's almost automatic when you foul him. We're excited he went to the free-throw line.

Q. Jackson, notwithstanding Jimmer's performance, the rest of the team, how would you rate the way you played, especially your shot selection and your offensive efficiency?
JACKSON EMERY: I thought we played really well on offense. We shared the ball really well. That's what got Jimmer open, is because we're so good at spreading the ball around that teams just can't double or trap one guy. And so when you have to spread 'em out, Jimmer can do amazing things.
I thought on defense in the first half, we were a little -- we were on our heels. They attacked us a lot. I thought in the second half, we were a little aggressive. Granted, TCU hit a lot of shots, made a lot of plays.

Q. They hit a four-point play, called timeout. You took advantage and hit the three. How did you set them up for that play?
JACKSON EMERY: Uhm, well, they came out in their 1-3-1 zone. You have to be aggressive in that zone. When you get an open look, you have to drill it. Fortunately Jimmer made a good pass. They tried to trap him. I was wide open in the corner. Just to help my team I got to hit those kind of shots.

Q. Jimmer, when you saw what Darington Hobson did today did that play into your mindset at all?
JIMMER FREDETTE: No, not really. Obviously he had a great game. But I'm not really thinking about what other teams are doing, to be honest with you. I'm worried about us. I'm worried about going out there, getting a win, playing as hard as I possibly can.
So, you know, fortunately I was able to have a pretty good game. We were able to get a vic. That's all that matters right now.
THE MODERATOR: At this time we'll dismiss the student-athletes. We'll continue with questions for Coach Rose.

Q. Is it a matchup with UNLV here? Guards play each other very well.
COACH ROSE: Well, I don't think we spend that much time analyzing it. We got a game tomorrow against somebody. We'll try to figure out who that is the next couple hours. If it's UNLV, then we play UNLV. If it's Utah, we'll go get Utah.
Matchups are important in this game. If you look at the top four or five teams in this league, it's really amazing how each team has a team that is, you know, kind of a lot more difficult than the rest of the league as far as matching up against 'em.
So, you know, we got a win in Provo, so our guys should be pretty confident we can beat 'em again.

Q. What was TCU doing so well in the first half that made your team struggle?
COACH ROSE: Well, you know, that's an interesting question. It's probably the way it looks from the outside. But there's two teams playing really hard going after each other in a post-season tournament game. If a team gets frustrated because the other team is staying with them, that's not a good thing. The bottom line is, I thought we handled -- our composure was good. They played really well. They played on attack. They spread the floor really well. They hit shots.
We were a little slow to them and got ourselves in a little bit of foul trouble. But, hey, give TCU all the credit in the world. They were playing. They played tonight. We needed all 95 points. Sometimes you can beat a team 'cause you can lock 'em down. That wasn't the case tonight. We couldn't get them stopped, so we needed the score, so we found a way to win. This team has done that a lot, found a way to win.

Q. Can you tell me what it's like as a coach to have a kid like Jimmer who is red hot from the line? Did you even like his shot selection on the long range shots that didn't fall?
COACH ROSE: Well, I think that, you know, with Jimmer, you give Jimmer a little more freedom because of his ability to create so much attention from the opposing team. And like Jacks talked about earlier, if they're going to guard him one-on-one, we're spread out, it's hard. If they run another guy at him, then Jimmer needs to make the play and find the open guy.
We do a good job of spacing the floor, making an extra pass. We didn't hit that extra pass shot with consistency like we are capable of. And, you know, hopefully we'll be able to do that in the future.
But Jimmer's ability to get to the free-throw line tonight was the difference in the game, you know, obviously.

Q. Tyler seemed to take a pretty big hit. How is he doing?
COACH ROSE: Tyler got poked in the eye and hit in the face kind of all at the same time. He was bleeding from his nose. I think it was reported that he was bleeding from his eye. That's not the case. He was poked in the eye and has blurred vision. We hope that, you know, it will be okay. We got the bleeding in the nose stopped. Hopefully he'll be okay and ready to go tomorrow. We'll just have to see how he progresses.

Q. What is it about tournament play that brings out the best in teams that are lower seeds?
COACH ROSE: Well, I think that teams get discouraged during the season when they realize kind of what their plight is, that they're not going to win a conference championship or maybe they're not going to have, you know, post-season play as far as the NCAA tournament is concerned. That might be a distraction as far as keeping them on a consistent level game in and game out.
Then when you get to this point, it's three days, and if you win three days in a row, you get yourself to what you wanted all along.
I think it's just part of the human competitive spirit that makes this time of year so intriguing because those guys, they bind together, they get five, six, seven guys that are all playing for one thing, and that's just to try to win a game and advance.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Coach Rose.
COACH ROSE: Thank you.

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