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March 11, 2010

Kristy Curry

Kierra Mallard

Ashlee Roberson


Kansas State – 59
Texas Tech - 51

COACH CURRY: I think a day like today you have to credit Kansas State, they made a lot of great plays we had the shot clock down there late and they were able to finish and they hit big three's at critical plays and credit them.
THE MODERATOR: We would take our questions for our student athletes first.

Q. Ashlee, can you talk about getting in an early groove to hit the 3's early in the game?
ASHLEE ROBERSON: After a couple of those we needed to contain the shooters and that's their specialty and their strength and they shoot outside and we didn't do a good job of containing the outside shooters.

Q. (No microphone.)
ASHLEE ROBERSON: I feel that overall we did a good job of responding, I don't know what I can say about the run you've got to give credit to T State, they hit some big shots.

Q. Kierra, their guards rebound well and Karr in particular had some down the stretch. Did you feel like that was a big factor in the game? You guys seemed like you would close them out and then they would get another chance.
KIERRA MALLARD: The post had their men and you had to try to rebound, I give it up to Kansas for going in and hitting the boards.

Q. Everybody knows what's been going on in the last couple of weeks with Brittany and Jordan, how much of a distraction did you guys have to deal with?
ASHLEE ROBERSON: We tried to keep the mediation out of it. I don't know what to say, Coach Curry did a good job of telling us what we needed to do, the whole situation made us stronger and made us a better team familiwise.
THE MODERATOR: Anything further? Okay, ladies, we're going to get you all go back to the locker room.

Q. Kristy, can you talk about the lead that K State gets out to?
COACH CURRY: I thought their quick start gave them a lot of confidence for the next 36 minutes and we weren't able to recover from that. So it definitely gave them confidence, you know, it's amazing when you can force Ashley Sweat to go 1 for 10 you think you got a chance to win.

Q. (No microphone?)
COACH CURRY: You know, we wanted to make sure we had a good possession and missed the layup, we missed a couple of easy looks that either tied up or get the shots you want and sometimes they don't go down but I thought we made some plays down the stretch, can't fault our decisions offensively, I thought Mo got a great look, and sometimes they don't go down, you should have yourself in that position, that's when things at the beginning of the second half, the first half starts to catch up with you a little bit.

Q. (No microphone.)
COACH CURRY: I thought she didn't look herself today, defensively especially, I thought she was too passive, we gave them too many looks in the game, but what she's been through she's got to continue to understand you work your way back in in practice, yesterday she was 3 out of 4 possessions for 75% of the time and she's going to continue to work her way back in, once you fall off the horse you've got to get back on.
She's got to stay the course and continue to work well and she's just a sophomore, didn't play particularly well today, we can associate that with what happened or we can just not. I think that's something you would have to ask her, I have not had a chance to visit with her about it.

Q. (No microphone.)
COACH CURRY: You know, Michelle, I don't make excuses, I always accept full responsibility, whether it's been the punch, that was obviously an emotional day, as bad as we felt I felt good for Cindy Stein that day, Cindy alone. We've had some strange things happen in the last couple of games and it's all on how you handle the adversity, it's not always how hard you fall it's how you get up, and at Texas Tech I feel great about the progress we're making and my administration's support and we're looking forward to the future with 10 freshmen and sophomores, and I had a kid pay her own way today that's sitting out to watch her team and the future is bright and we're going to get to the NIT and keep rolling and getting better.

Q. (No microphone.)
COACH CURRY: We're going to accept a bid, I hope they ask us, I think we're probably that 8th spot and if we hadn't messed around we would probably be in the NCAA tournament and we're going to accept a bid with open arms and continue to improve.

Q. Can you talk about Christine and what she did? It was like she was trying to take over the game herself and the way these young girls are playing looks like they're going to be good in the next coming years.
COACH CURRY: You know, they are, and they've got to continue to work and I think Christine has to understand the importance of sprinting from free-throw line to free-throw line, and playing harder for longer periods so her conditioning and getting herself in the best shape would be a huge goal for her in the off season and she will hit a wall at points in the game and she has to learn to fight through that, Christine, Chynna, Monique, we have a lot to look forward to.
THE MODERATOR: Congratulations, Coach.

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