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March 7, 2010

Latia Magee

Monica McNutt

Ta'Shauna Rodgers

Terri Williams-Flournoy


Rutgers – 63
Georgetown -56

THE MODERATOR: Coach, a brief statement to open, please.
COACH WILLIAMS-FLOURNOY: I thought our kids played extremely hard. It was a tough game. Shots didn't fall like we needed them to fall. I thought Rutgers hit some big shots, but I'm still very proud of my young ladies. It's a tough loss. It's an extremely tough loss, but we have to bounce back because we still have the NCAA tournament.

Q. Sugar, you guys did a pretty good job shutting down their biggest scorer in Ray, but then you saw some other people step up. Did you kind of expect that?
TA'SHAUNA "SUGAR" RODGERS: No, not really. I mean, they just stepped up. That's what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to step up. When somebody isn't hitting shots, then you're supposed to step up.

Q. Monica, why was it so hard to score against Rutgers today?
MONICA McNUTT: You have nights like that, shots that we usually hit weren't falling. Rutgers is a slower-paced team. They wanted to slow down the game and make it a little bit ugly. Tonight they controlled the tempo a little bit better than we did. It happens.

Q. Monica, you guys held them for four points in the first 12 minutes of the game but couldn't seem to get going offensively. How big was it that they were sort of able to hang around when you guys had your defense going early on?
MONICA McNUTT: Rutgers is an experienced team. Postseason is something that they're accustomed to and those kids responded well. They stayed in the game. They continued to fight, and where we struggled, they capitalized.
You give them credit for their experience. I think that might have been the difference in the game, that they're a little bit more experienced than we are. But that's okay, because we're learning. We're going to take this loss and tighten up the things we need to tighten up and get ready for the NCAA tournament like coach said.

Q. Latia, can you follow up on what Monica was saying? What do you learn from it?
LATIA MAGEE: You just learn that you have to capitalize on everything. Just like Monica said, where we were lacking, they were starting to pick up. They went on their runs, and we just didn't capitalize the way we needed to. We're a fast-break team. We weren't finishing like we needed to. We got out-rebounded. There was just, like, little things that we needed to do that we didn't take care of.

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