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March 7, 2010

Sam Saunders


Q. What do you take out of this?
SAM SAUNDERS: A lot. This is a great week for me. I played really solid, consistent golf. This week I've realized I can play out here and I belong. And I think I can win out here. If I keep doing the things I'm doing and working hard, I think it will happen pretty soon. I'm honored to get the spot here and glad I could play pretty well.
It was a little bit of a struggle out there. I didn't have my stuff today but I did a really good job of hanging in there. The course is tough, and when you're not hitting the ball quite as well, my back was hurting a little bit today, but that's certainly not an excuse.
I was just out of sorts a little bit. Wasn't striking the ball too well. Hit some good shots but hit a lot of really bad ones.
Short game saved me a little bit, and the last hole there, I was 1-under, I knew I needed to make eagle to get into the Top-10, so the difference between making birdie and bogey there wasn't that -- wouldn't have mattered that much in the end of the day.
So I went for it, and you know, made the bogey, but actually that putt on the last hole right there for bogey helped get me inside the top 20 which is good.

Q. So that was driver off the deck on 18?
SAM SAUNDERS: Yeah, I was going for it. I had like 290 hole. I was just going to rip it. I had a good lie but didn't come off the right way. It happens. I was going for it, though. I was trying to make eagle and get into the Top-10. That's what I was thinking.

Q. Is the difference between your mind-set coming into this week and going out of this week -- was it coming in that you think you can play with these guys and now you know?
SAM SAUNDERS: Maybe a little bit. I knew I had the talent. I didn't know -- I wasn't there mentally yet, and I am now. I was calm out there today. I felt good all day. Today, honestly, had nothing to do with nerves, the fact that I shot 3-over. Really I just wasn't striking the ball as well today, and I felt as comfortable on the first tee today as I have any of the other days. Probably the most comfortable today. I really felt good about today, and you know, learned a lot from it.

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