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March 6, 2010

Nathan Green


JOHN BUSH: We have Nathan Green with us after a 3-under par 67. Nathan, just steady play all week, just two bogeys, including one on the final hole. Just get you to comment on the round please.
NATHAN GREEN: Yeah, I played really good. First I hit it to a foot on the first and made about a 20-footer on the second and thought I hit a good shot on the third and didn't birdie that.
From then on, probably a 10-footer I missed on the next and missed another 8-footer on the next. So could have been a lot better earlier on. Hit a great shot on 7 to make birdie there.
Can't really remember a great deal after that. I probably didn't play quite as good after that. The back nine I probably had a little more trouble with but overall it was pretty good, despite a bogey at the last.
JOHN BUSH: You did birdie the par 3, 15.
NATHAN GREEN: Yeah, I'm not going at that pin. That was a mistake. I'm aiming sort of left half of the green there and came up to about a foot. So that was nice, but that was a bonus. I'm not really playing it that side, but that was nice to get a birdie there.
Made a good up-and-down on 16, and 17, I hit a good shot in there. I have not really made any decent-length putts this week. I haven't made -- I think I made one putt over about 20 feet. So hopefully tomorrow work on that a little bit.

Q. Is it the difference between yesterday's round and today round your putting? You've had a pretty good round, obviously, the first round, and yesterday just couldn't seem to --
NATHAN GREEN: Probably hit it a little better today. Yesterday I didn't hit it close at all. I didn't really feel that great about my game and I was just sort of trying to get it around and playing a lot of middle of the greens and that sort of things.
It's just tough to make putts on the green at the moment. It's tough to get the speed. It's tough to tell which way the grain is going. So the fewer greens you can miss, the better off you are, because it's tough to chip it close. It's tough to make 8-footers, it seems like. It's really -- I don't know, we are searching for lines out there all the time. You can get made to look pretty silly.
My chip shot on the last, I thought I played the shot that I wanted to play and should have been landing into the grain for the first eight yards into the grain and it was going to be downgrain towards the hole. It landed like it was downhill, downgrain, just took off on me. Went to about 40 feet, so that was a bit disappointing. But those are the sort of things that can happen out here.
I think the greens are playing a little bit tougher than they have the last few years that I've played.

Q. What happened on 18? How did you get into trouble on 18?
NATHAN GREEN: Just pulled a drive into the right rough. It's a tough breeze coming off the left there it. We are playing a front tee but doesn't make the hole any easier so laying up to the same area anyway. So hit a decent drive and the second shot came out a bit fat and ended up in the bunker. Felt like I played a pretty good shot from there, but the wind didn't really touch it. It finished just up in the grain. I didn't think I hit that poor a chip, but it didn't turn out very well and missed the putt.

Q. Does the smoke and haze bother you at all?
NATHAN GREEN: It's not great but everyone is dealing with it. It's strange when you're looking down and hitting a putt and you have sort of ash blowing past your ball. We had that on a few holes out there towards 13 and 14. So it's different. I don't think the guys are really worried about it. You can sort of smell it and taste it.

Q. Were guys told about what's going on at all?
NATHAN GREEN: Someone said they were back burning or something. Got to do it, so might as well do it now. It's not really affecting. I'm a pretty bad asthmatic, so didn't really affect me out there. I don't think it's anything that's really going to bother anyone. It's just a different experience to play with a bit of smoke and a bit of ash in the air.

Q. You said you are asthmatic and it didn't bother you?
NATHAN GREEN: I usually get affected by something like that but I thought it was pretty mild out there.

Q. When you came here a few days ago, whenever your week began, did you feel like good enough form, did you feel like you were seeing things well enough out here to make a run?
NATHAN GREEN: Not really. I thought I had been hitting the ball decent. I played pretty solid last week at Phoenix without doing anything spectacular, and sort of the same thing, just not putting well enough to win at the moment.
The first day I played reasonably well and putted okay, and today -- today was probably my better-ball striking day but didn't quite get as much out of it as I might have.
It's one of those courses I've always liked. It shouldn't really suit me. You would think that it would suit the longer hitters a bit better, but I like the way it sets up. It's just a really solid golf course. You've got to be on your toes all day. I think I've had about a third place before a few years back.
Yeah, it just suits my eye reasonably well. I think we get enough looks at birdie out there, as long as you play the tough holes solid.

Q. When you were third here, was that the year you made a bomb on 18?
NATHAN GREEN: Might have been a 45-, 50-footer on the last. I think that was two years ago, yeah.
JOHN BUSH: Nathan, thanks for coming by. Play well tomorrow.

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