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March 5, 2010

Vijay Singh


VIJAY SINGH: Stuck to my routine, played good, thoughts were all great.

Q. You missed a little putt on 15, and then 17, you thought, '54 feet, seven inches, that's my range right here, I've got this.'
VIJAY SINGH: I was just trying to get close. (Laughter) My goal was to get inside of Nathan Green. I had a good line and it wasn't going to break too much and I hit a good putt. The pace was good, and it looked good all the way but I didn't want to jump up-and-down before it went in.

Q. How good does it feel when you look at the leaderboard and see your name at the top?
VIJAY SINGH: Well, I practice hard. I've worked hard the last two months, beginning of the year, really worked on my game, was getting healthy, and now I'm healthy. I'm hitting the way I want to and I can be aggressive when I want to and I'm able to read the putts the way I used to and that makes a difference.

Q. Talk about playing this golf course.
VIJAY SINGH: It's a good golf course. This is the normal wind -- came on the back nine. This is the first time I've played in this wind. Kind of a little concerning, but the holes coming in, they always said, you didn't realize that they are going straight downwind, but when it turns around, it's always difficult hitting 9-irons and wedges on 15 and 17, and all of a sudden I'm hitting 5-irons.
So makes a big difference. You've got to know it the golf course, and I'm glad that it turned around.
And on 18, just go ahead and make the swing that you know, and when I'm not swinging that way, I create mistakes. If I can stand there and not think about where the ball is going to go, just pick my target and put a swing on it, it goes good. I saw a lot of good in that today. When you make mistakes, you kind of learn from that. When I did hit bad shots, I know I didn't stick to my routine. So that's very important.

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